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nomtek is an innovation-driven software house founded in 2009 with offices in Poland, Germany, UK, and US.

We build digital products for startups, mid-companies, and big players that not only last, but also matter.

Our key focus are mobile apps, but as a natural progression, we have started developing AR and XR applications in 2017
Our manifesto:

Life is too short for building products nobody will use.


The question is not "Can it be built?", but "Should it be built?".


Don’t just ship features - validate what you assume.


Systematic verified learning is the best unit of progress.

Awards & Recognition
Top iPhone App Developers, 2018
Top UX Designers, 2018
Top Mobile Developers, 2018
Top Android Development Company
Top iOS Development Company, 2018
Top Mobile App Developers, 2018

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