Machine learning revelations

Below, I will give you an idea what machine learning is and what you can expect from this arcane field. Please do not be afraid as our rational expectations are not terminator style killing machines or rise of the robots. On the contrary, I will try to convince you that machine learning is a wonderful […]

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Design of a chatbot assistant to support the operator in flight and accommodation searches.

Contemporary chatbots don’t only support conversations, but can also assist a human operator. They allow for parallel analysis of conversions, searching for answers in the background and suggesting answers that significantly shorten the response time of the operator. Their expansion has been triggered by the emergence of commercial platforms such as Dialogflow or, which, […]

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Screenshot preventing on mobile apps

Recently, at nomtek, we were asked if we could create an app which would be able to block screenshots. Basically there will be some images which should be “protected” — ideally, they should not be visible but it would be enough if we made them blurred or obfuscated in another way. It was quite an interesting topic, so […]

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Nomtek Named Top UX Agency in the UK

Most people don’t know that in the depths of the internet, there’s a secret, haunted app graveyard. This where you can find apps you’ve never heard of that were either too complex, didn’t turn a profit or failed to address customer needs. One thing you won’t find there?An app made by Nomtek. We have a saying around here that, “Life is too short for building products nobody will use,” and we stand by that. Needless to say, our apps ARE getting used and that’s how we earned a spot on Clutch’s Top UX Agencies in the UK and Top iPhone App Developers in the UK lists!

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ARKit 1.5 — Another Brick In The Wall ♪
(What wall?)

Apple, with iOS 11.3, is updating it’s AR platform — ARKit. As we can read on their website, it adds a significant new feature — detection of vertical surfaces.

“In addition to horizontal surfaces like tables and chairs, ARKit can now recognize and place virtual objects on vertical surfaces like walls and doors (…)”

~ Apple

If this new feature works as good as detecting the horizontal surfaces, it could be really SOMETHING BIG! 

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Getting a room plan with ARKit!
(The case where size matters)

Two years ago I wrote an article about “Scanning rooms with an iPhone” that you can read here. I tried to use three built-in sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer) to measure the length of walls and draw a plan of a room. I operated on raw data received from those sensors and calculated the distance between walls using self-written code based on transforming acceleration into the distance. The results were promising and showed that it could be done but requires more advanced calculations (or more precise sensors) to get the desired accuracy.

Ever since I saw the announcement of ARKit I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to try it out. It was a good opportunity to return to the prototype from two years ago. From the announcements and WWDC talks ARKit looked promising: the accuracy of it, real-time rendering performance and ease of implementation. It was time to test it.

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