Video 360 in OpenGL (iOS) part 1 – 3D Scene

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This is the first part of tutorial showing how to create a simple player for video 360° in iOS. The player will be done in GLKit framework. There will be an OpenGL scene with a sky sphere and a first person camera. The sky sphere will have a texture mapped on it from the inside. In this part we will show how to prepare a 3d scene with a sky box (sky sphere is more complex and will be described later).
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Code literacy – the 21st century game changer!


Why being able to at least read the code is so important?

Exactly 8 years ago the first iPhone came out and revolutionized the mobile market. Since that day, the urge to follow new technologies is growing stronger each year. We are living in a world of things that can communicate with us, and we can communicate back with them. Living in this World of machines and superior technology generates new desires for communication and human competencies.
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