Video 360 in OpenGL (iOS) part 1 – 3D Scene

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This is the first part of tutorial showing how to create a simple player for video 360° in iOS. The player will be done in GLKit framework. There will be an OpenGL scene with a sky sphere and a first person camera. The sky sphere will have a texture mapped on it from the inside. In this part we will show how to prepare a 3d scene with a sky box (sky sphere is more complex and will be described later).
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Scanning rooms with an iPhone

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About a month ago I worked on a prototype project which would allow users to measure their rooms using an iPhone. It was a very interesting experience and I would like to share what I have learned. First question which comes to mind is – is it even possible? Answer – yes, it’s possible and was done before (look at Roomscan app on the AppStore).
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