Adjusting your app to iOS 8

Adjusting apps to ios8 featured image

I’m sure most are aware that recently Apple launched a new version of the iPhone operating system – the iOS 8. For those who did not have the chance to catch the latest news – the launch happened yesterday. ;)

Instead of simply spreading the news around, we decided to go swiftly with a step further and briefly analise what opportunities and potential problems the new OS may create for existing apps.
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First impressions from Swift programming language

Swift first impressions featured image

Hello fellow programmers!

A language for a programmer is his/her ultimate medium of expression, we are spending thousands of hours editing the code, thinking in the code (sometimes even dreaming in the code :) ). So it’s no surprise that introduction of new programming language from Apple was the most exciting event for us at the WWDC conference this year.
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Learn why Vim is Awesome under Xcode in 35 seconds

Hello everyone! The recent integration trip provided a lot neat presentations so we figured why not let our developers go a bit further with all the cool ideas they have and share those on our blog!

We’ve decided to make a series of video sessions which will demonstrate various tips & tricks of the trade which is mobile app development, presented by non other than our team. You’ll be able to learn about various niche, but still excellent tools, device capabilities, business practices, etc. from future vids. We will try to post subsequent episodes in more or less steady intervals, as long as the time permits. :)
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Wroclaw – A Polish Silicon Valley

Polish sillicon valley featured image

Wrocław seems to be an ideal city to become a Polish Silicon Valley. It is situated near the European centers of technology and presents a more cost-effective opportunity than countries like Germany or England. It offers the space and infrastructure as well as many well-trained young engineers to attract investors, guest conferences, or even raise new industrial centers and departments for different companies operating in diverse business areas.
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