Unicity: Activate


Activate: Nutrition Coach is a food-logging mobile app from Unicity. We worked with Unicity to help the company ideate, design, and develop the app for iOS and Android.



Unicity: Activate

Unicity is a US-based company that manufactures supplements supporting a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. The company operates in over 50 countries worldwide and launches various health-focused initiatives. Unicity has over 20 years of experience in helping people manage their health.

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What was the challenge_

Weight loss programs and weight monitoring depend on accurate tracking of consumed foods. But the majority of available apps make food tracking a cumbersome process. To log a meal, users usually have to choose a specific variety of every consumed product (e.g., a tomato variety). The whole process takes a lot of time and can quickly spoil the experience and motivation for the users.

Unicity recognized a huge potential in helping people achieve their health-related goals through improved food-logging capabilities.

How did we solve the challenge_

Since we worked with Unicity on GetFit21 — an app for coaching and motivation during weight loss, the company approached us to partner with them on this new project.

We knew the pain points in the currently available food-logging apps, so we decided to redefine the logging process completely. Instead of browsing through lists with different food products, users would use emojis to log foods consumed.

The app also had to serve as a selling channel for Unicity’s line of health-supporting products. The company needed an intuitive ecommerce feature that would give the users a seamless shopping experience.

side-by-side product presenation with four screens showcasing different features
a screen from the app where users use emojis to log their meals

Emoji-Based Food Logging

The design of the app makes it easy to log meals. Users choose foods according to groups and pre-defined portions that are easy to picture.

Fat Burning Zone

Based on foods consumed, Activate calculates when your body is in the Fat Burning Zone. Users know when to eat and what to maximize the fat-burning effect.

E-Commerce Feature

Users can purchase a wide range of Unicity's supplements to support their metabolic health and performance.

What was the scope of the project_

During product development, we recruited two frontend devs for Unicity, to improve the company’s in-house development capabilities. We took care of the whole recruitment process. Our team picked questions to validate experience, checked if the developers were a good fit for the project, and organized onboarding for better project immersion.

What was the business outcome_

Written in React Native, Activate is a user-friendly app for iOS and Android where users can log what they eat easily and quickly. The app divides foods into groups. Users simply choose an emoji that best matches their product instead of painstakingly picking through endless food varieties from a list.

The app has an algorithm that calculates blood sugar levels, which automatically adjust based on foods consumed. Activate also shows the type of fuel the body burns, i.e., sugar or fat. The feature helps users better manage and plan their energy intake as well as expenditure. Users can also shop Unicity products directly from the app.

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