How to request an expedited review in AppStore

Expedited review featured image

When you submit an application to AppStore it still has to undergo a review. It usually takes one or two weeks before Apple starts reviewing your application. Fortunately, a developer has the possibility to request an expedited review when special circumstances occur and time pressure is a notable factor.

However, in order to request it, you have to have good grounds to base the request upon. Apple usually considers two possibilities: a critical bug or a time-sensitive event.

Critical bug is the best cause to ask for an expedited review. When an application is available on AppStore and users are complaining about being unable to use some functionalities you don’t have to wait 2 weeks for review. After submitting a new version with bug fixes you can request an expedited review and reduce the waiting time to 2 or 3 days.

Another justifiable reason to request an expedited review can be a time-sensitive event, but from our experience, it might be harder to achieve a satisfying result in this case. However, if your huge advertisement campaign starts in a few days or there is a big event promoting your application, it can be a good reason to request an expedited review nonetheless.

Before sending the request, your application has to be already in „Waiting for review” status, so don’t forget to upload its newest version. Also, don’t forget to save the Apple ID of your application somewhere.

Last part is to fill the request available at this address –

Once more, I stress that a good description is essential so provide as many details as possible. Set a reason and don’t forget to include the date, type and name of the event (for time-sensitive event case) or steps to reproduce the bug (critical bug fix).

Although requesting an expedited review is a great way to speed up the publication of your application, it can’t be used endlessly, and there is also a possibility that Apple will reject your request.

An expedited review should be used as last resort.