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blending reality with
Magic Leap
what we do

Our office!

With devices like Magic Leap you can revolutionize the way your product is experienced.

Using Mixed Reality your audience can immediately benefit from the added value of an engagement on a totally new level.

Our goal is to help you explore and fulfill your vision of presenting something new and unique using modern, sophisticated technology.

Lumin SDK development 

Pause for a second and imagine that our guys can help you bring new revenue streams or create new outcomes in cases like:

  • Hands-free access to
    design apps like e.g. CAD

  • Teleconferencing in
    the field

  • Live visualisations in
    architecture, manufacturing
    or industrial design

  • Interior visualisations

  • Step-by-step assembly

  • Worker training

Magic Leap in our office

We’re a Magic Leap Early Access Development Partner and one of the few, who actually have access to the devices 24/7.

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