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Our Flutter developers can help you reuse up to 90% of code across iOS and Android apps. Hire Flutter app developers for your next mobile project to save time and cut costs.

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It's all about partnership_

Holger Rohden
"The team is proactive and always trying to deliver even more than what we asked for."
"The nomtek team is very passionate about their work. I had the feeling that they made our mission their mission, clearly identifying with what we are trying to deliver. The initial feedback from the users is extremely positive. Even our pen-test team was surprised!"
Holger Rohden
Program Manager

Why use Flutter for app development_


Decrease development time

Because Flutter lets devs build iOS, Android, web, and desktop apps using the same codebase, our teams write the code once and apply it across multiple platforms.


Enjoy easy platform-specific deployment

Flutter’s excellent code-sharing feature creates a comfortable development environment. Developers can deploy cross-platform apps quickly, on top of easy API integration and multiple customization options.


Build with close-to-native app performance

Compared to native apps, Flutter’s performance is impressive. Flutter aims to provide 60 fps performance, and even 120 fps, whenever possible. In practical terms, users don't see a difference in performance between native apps and those built in Flutter.


Deliver consistency in apps with complex domain logic

A single codebase makes Flutter a good choice for all digital products that have a complex domain logic. One codebase helps developers ensure UI and UX are consistent across devices. A Flutter agency with a portfolio of successful cross-platform releases can also decrease the time necessary for meetings to deploy and maintain features for different platforms.


Release features simultaneously across platforms

Mobile and desktop apps get the same features at the same time. This makes product management easier while ensuring the user interface stays consistent.

Accelerating feature delivery across web and mobile using Flutter

Siemens Healthineers is a global medical technology company that provides innovative solutions to improve patient care. To help sales in their day-to-day processes, the company is building applications that optimize the workflow and boost performance.

Siemens Healthineers partnered with nomtek to test if it could accelerate feature delivery for mobile and web and enable a quick transition from native development to cross-platform Flutter.

Transitioning small teams from native development to one Flutter team was a smooth and successful process — a few pair-programming sessions were enough to get started quickly.

Greater efficiency with one code base

Together with the adoption of Flutter, the project grew to include four products developed by one team. All applications are now written into a monorepo, which helps reutilize a lot of UI and business logic components, even between web and mobile.

Flexibility in allocating resources

The one Flutter-based repository lets Siemens Healthineers assign developers where they are needed the most, depending on daily priorities and dependencies. Everyone commits into the same code base and is, therefore, familiar with it. This approach gives Siemens Healthineers flexibility in assigning developer capacity between the products with the monorepo.

Holger Rohden

Program Manager at Siemens Healthineers

"The development of sales software is not the core business of a medtec company. But Flutter enables us to build fast, easy, and solid custom- and target group-specific apps."


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Siemens Healthineers


Hire senior Flutter developers
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Flutter cross-platform development lifecycle_


Product Strategy

nomtek has delivered over 200 apps so far. We believe that workshops and collaboration are the best way to find the product-market fit. Our offer covers product design sprints, scoping sessions, and UX audits if you already have a product.


Product Design

We believe in human-centered design. Our design services include UI design, UX design, and illustration. This way, we can create a consistent and intuitive user experience.


Product Development

Mobile software development brings the best results when we work closely with our clients. Scrum methods allow for better communication and fast validation. We test and improve rapidly to deliver the best software possible.


Product Management

You can be a product owner and know your product inside and out, but you still need a person to manage the backlog and the team. This is where our product managers can help you out.


Product QA Testing

Custom software development is never complete without testing! Our QA engineers are the keepers of high quality. To make sure that your product is flawless, we take care of automated and manual QA testing.

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Why choose nomtek_

Common sense approach

An individual approach to software development is about experimentation and real-world validation. We don't rely on strict processes or formulas — instead, we use our common sense and experience to create products that truly meet user needs.

Data-driven product decisions

We analyze real usage data to guide the development process and make informed decisions about what features to include and changes to make. By looking at how people interact with the product, we can spot opportunities to meet needs, alleviate pains, and satisfy desires.

Transparent pricing system

Our pricing system is very transparent. Once we've learned the basics of the project and team setup, we'll provide a clear and detailed breakdown of the costs involved. We want you to understand exactly what you're paying for and why.

Early validation

We validate product assumptions early. This prevents overspending on products one wants or needs — we work hard to test ideas as soon as possible. Staying on the right track from the kickoff ensures we're creating something that users will find indispensable.

Senior Flutter developers

A team of experienced seniors spearhead every project. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to product development. They're always willing to share their insights and advice with the rest of the team, ensuring care and attention to detail in every project. Nomtek is one of the top Flutter app development companies.

“Flutter brings comfort and convenience into the standard development cadence. Because of that, it’s often the preferred environment over the native approach for many developers. Work simply goes faster.”
Zbigniew Gorawski profile picture
Zbigniew Górawski

Delivery Leader at Nomtek


Is Flutter good for mobile development?

Yes, of course it is! This framework was specifically created to accomodate the mobile worlds. Because of that Flutter mobile app development is more efficient, and this technology is a viable choice for both iOS and Android apps.

What are some popular Flutter apps?

As you might have guessed, Flutter is used in many Google products, such as Google Ads and Google Assistant. Other companies working with Flutter include Ebay, Groupon, and the Alibaba Group.

What language does Flutter use?

Flutter uses Dart, an object-oriented programming language, which was also created by Google.

Will Flutter change mobile app development for the better?

It already has. One of the biggest changes is the increased use of Dart programming language. Contrary to JavaScript (used in React Native, for example), Dart is fully object-oriented and more type-safe than JS. Flutter has also proved to be a great technology choice for apps that work across many different platforms (for example, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, car infotainment systems, and even smartwatches.

Which is better: Xamarin or Flutter?

Xamarin has been around for much longer than Flutter. It uses the C# programming language, which makes the transition smoother for developers who are already familiar with it. Flutter, however, is more efficient when it comes to installation, architecture, and testing. If you’re focused on productivity, Flutter will make a better choice.

Is Flutter the right choice for my app?

Consider Flutter development when your time and/or budget are limited. You’re tired of the complex (and costly) maintenance of native mobile apps. You already have a project built on React Native, Xamarin, or Cordova, but you’re looking for an alternative. You need a framework to handle advanced UI solutions.

Are Flutter apps better than native apps?

Cross-platform frameworks, including Flutter, have plenty of advantages. Native applications give you more customizability options and help keep the app up to date with all the major operating system updates. Every experienced Flutter app developer and Flutter development agency will recommend choosing this framework over native development whenever you want to have a single team working on your digital product on a code that's easier to maintain.

How long does it take to build a Flutter app?

As you’re only working with a single codebase, building Flutter apps takes much less time than creating separate native solutions. According to Hackernoon, it takes 250 hours on average to develop a Flutter app. According to our experience, it depends on the project, but it’s faster than native development. Also, senior Flutter mobile developers with native development experience decrease development delivery times.