Alarm Clock – One Touch

case study

This application allows your iPhone to work as a gorgeous night stand clock.

It encompasses both functionality and beauty. It is possible to turn the alarm on and off with just one touch and admire its stylish looks at the same time.
If the light emanating from the screen is to bright, it is enough to just swipe down with one finger in order to dim it down.
Other notable features are automatic portrait and landscape display modes, as well as working in the background.


Zuhanden required to expand the functionality of their existing application and prepare it to be lunched as a free "Lite" version.


Having a long-term relationship with the client, the initial resource gathering went very quickly and development commenced shortly after. The client had full control of the project, and could even alter the design in real-time during screen-sharing sessions.


Extended functionality was added to the application, enhancing its value.

You can download Alarm Clock – One Touch from: Promo Site, AppStore