case study

An application for asthmatics.

AsthmaCheck gives you a number of possibilities to have your illness under control. Every day you can take a test dedicated for asthmatics (GINA). It checks how you feel and monitors the progress of your disease. Friendly and simple interface shows you statistics and graphs on how it is changing over time and gives you an easy way to send your tests to your doctor. Application features also a number of reminders about medicines, taking control tests or visiting a doctor.


Mutterelbe required an electronic notepad for people with rheumatic and asthmatic disorders. RheumaTrack and AsthmaCheck were very similar projects, based on the same codebase, but with some graphical and functional changes. The client wanted to extend the legacy code with new features and was looking for a new service provider. Many change requests were implemented in the course of project development, several releases took place. Notable changes: PDF export, in-app purchase of paid application features, improved graphical design.


We analyzed the source code, estimated development effort, identified risk factors and presented them to the client. We discussed necessary actions and subsequently executed the plan. The client delivered the mockups and documentation. Results were consulted with the client during ongoing development via e-mail and online meetings.


The application obtained new features and code quality was improved which secured the client's future needs.

You can download AsthmaCheck from: AppStore, Google Play