AX4 Tracking

case study

A parcel tracking white-label app for AX4: a logistics platform used by DHL, BMW, Ford, Daimler, DB Schenker, BASF, Ericsson and alike.

AX4 is an IT platform for control of your logistics processes. In the AX4 tracking you are able to query the status of your shipment tracking at any time – simply by entering your shipment reference number. This gives you visibility into the shipment process and early information in deviations from the regular progress.

AX4 is the solution for business customers and therefore not freely accessible to everyone. You need a password to login. This is provided by your business partner, you handle the transportation.

Application is adapted both to iPhone and iPad.


Axit required a mobile front-end to their logistics platform - AX4, which would allow parcel tracking. One of the requirements was for the application to be easily branded for a variety of Axit's clients.


Nomtek received a complete set of requirements with a coherent vision of the end-result. After analysis, graphical material and functionality concept was prepared. The client approved our design and development with periodic meetings was carried onward. Notable technologies: PUSH notifications, AFHTTPRequest, custom pseudo-HTML rendering engine.


A fully functional mobile application for iPhone and iPad, which served as a marketing tool and completely fulfilling the initial requirements.

You can download AX4 Tracking from: App Store