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Client background

Collectomate is a startup providing a platform for delivery automation to modern offices. They provide an automated collection point that helps receptions process parcels without manual intervention from the staff. Everything is based on mobile apps and IoT technologies.

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nomtek has had a large and positive impact.

CEO, Collectomate


The company wanted to build a platform which consists of three basic parts: the cloud backend service, the mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, and the IoT hardware part.

Everything needed to be prepared from scratch. We had a session about the platform and the product requirements, afterwards we led the requirements solicitation process, then created wireframe designs from the grounds up.

collectomate app screenshot collectomate app screenshot collectomate app screenshot


We created a big part of the whole product, which is the main value offering to the market. Had it been unsuccessful, the client would’ve had problems releasing it and meeting deadlines with customers. For that reason, nomtek has had a large and positive impact. They were able to deliver on time and the product is good.

We used unit testing on our side, so nothing was released before it was properly tested.


The client received funding of $350.000 soon after launch in a very early stage.

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