Eleiko Lifting

case study

Eleiko Lifting is a form check app for lifters. It helps you record, analyze, and compare any two lifts side by side – and makes it easy to share video with lifter friends.

One of the most notable features of Eleiko Online is the ability to record videos of your own weightlifting sessions and then compare them with instructional clips.

Other notable features are:

  • Eleiko Tutorials: analyze world champion lifters from different angles
  • Compare your lifts side-by-side and take snapshots
  • Share your video, with visible set info
  • Play and save your lifts in slow motion – just pinch the screen to change speed
  • Automatic PR tracking
  • See 1RM and bodyweight info before you lift
  • All your lifting video in one place: sort sets by exercise, weight and date


The client desired to try out different forms of expanding the reach of his brand. One of those was the mobile market. The final decision was developing an application which allowed for recording videos with weightlifting training sessions and later comparing them with instructional clips. The project seemed a bit more difficult at first glance, due to a requirement of more complex video processing system.


We created a prototype of the app, which demonstrated that we were up to the task. After acceptation from the client, we organized workshops which resulted in a clear concept and design. Once everything was clear, development commenced. Notable technologies: AV Foundation (audio & video processing), YouTube API


An iPhone application branded with the client's colours, which serves as a personal weightlifting training tool.