File Manager

case study

An application for organizing and managing files.

This app serves as your personal managing tool for all the files stored on either your iPhone or iPad. It allows for importing data from external sources such as:

  • iTunes
  • The Internet
  • Dropbox
  • E-mail
  • Other Apps

You can organize files into documents quickly through copy/paste, renaming, archiving into zip files, and printing functions. On top of all that, File Manager allows you to browse those files with an implemented file viewer.


The client wanted a competitive application for managing files on iOS devices. The app had to combine all competitive functionality: opening and exchanging of documents, connecting with external drives, enhanced security. It had to be intuitive as well by incorporating a uniform interface for file-sharing services: Dropbox,, Google Drive, Sky Drive, iCloud.


In order to measure the demand for the application and ensure whether it will be successful on the market, Nomtek created a simple MVP version within the first two weeks of the project. After a short period of time Zuhanden decided to invest further in the project. Subsequent online meetings and screen-sharing sessions were planned. Notable technologies: Dropbox API, SkyDrive API, API, GDrive API, Flickr API


A universal mobile application for managing files which reached 4 mln downloads. The development of the application was continued further, reaching an overall of 10 different versions.

You can download File Manager from: AppStore