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Client background began its existence out of passion for making buying and selling of preloved goods more accessible, safe and fun to do.

The idea is to create a space where people can find a new home for the products they used to use and search for great quality new stuff in a community that cares about what they sell.

All done in an environment that facilitates instant meaningful connection between buyers and sellers and minimizes the hassle associated with payment, packaging and delivery logistics.

Put it all together and you will find a reason why is considered to be one of the rising stars in German, Austrian and Swiss e-commerce / m-commerce sector as seen both from the exponential growth of their user base, as well as widespread and positive presence in the media.

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What nomtek is actually doing for us has far exceeded our initial expectations. These guys truly put your product success on top of their daily agenda. This means a lot to us because we immediately developed the level of trust needed to make the big thing together.

Stefan Tietze, CEO


Stefan and Oliver - the founders of initially decided to hire us to create an extended mobile app team for them.

It soon became evident that we can both offer each other much more - a shared development process and product expertise.

This naturally made a switch from working on a project together to jointly caring about the product success, day in and day out.

Building products for a startup that aims high, has tight deadlines and has huge expectations from their investors and existing users is a tough job.

We managed to create a culture when taking ownership of making Gebraucht better is everyone’s responsibility - from our development team to the Gebraucht CEO.

Such mindset fundamentally changes the way that software can and should be done - to make people awesome.

Gebraucht App screenshot Gebraucht App screenshot Gebraucht App screenshot


The first release of Gebraucht iOS and Android apps can certainly be considered a massive success.

There are at least 2 facts to back this up:

  • The really fast growth of new users together with very stable user retention rates
  • 99,5% crash free uses for the population of 15k + downloads generated in the first 30 days for iOS alone as the first production release under tight deadline. This is typically a period when some unexpected bugs may occur at much greater scale

This all makes a very promising start. We are there to make this initial success a continuous thing!

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