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Free iOS alarm clock application dispalying one inspirational quote per day.

An inspirational quote is delivered to you daily
Share with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS
Extra features include nap/sleep timer with iPod, flashlight and simple slide for adjusting the screen brightness

More than just an intuitive alarm clock with quotes, inspirationAL is working with quote providers to give you the opportunity to experience their passion, knowledge and understanding through included links to their websites and social media


*Inspirational Quotes*
– View and share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS
– Save your favourites to view in cover flow
– Our quotes range from the famous and classical to modern day authors working for well-known publishers
– Unrestricted Web Access gives you a direct link to their websites, blogs, or social media
– In-App Purchase available to receive unlimited inspirational quotes

– Simple right/left swipe for settings and quote pages
– Beautiful display that changes from day to night automatically or manually with double tap
– Choose digital or analogue display with single tap
– Slide to dim screen for night stand clock

– Diverse range of sounds from traditional to ‘gentle-wake’ country and ocean soundscapes
– Alarm will wake you up whether the app is in the foreground or background
– Snooze options

*Sleep Timer*
Choose from your iPod or our gentle background sounds to send you off to sleep

*Nap Timer*
To wake you up from your refreshing power nap!

Simple 2 finger tap to operate direct from the clock screen


The client required to have his existing application developed further and maintained. The subject was an alarm clock with a daily inspirational quote, which was downloading quotes from a backend and storing it in local database, delivering one quote per day.


Because the previous code was of low quality, Nomtek persuaded the client to start the application from scratch. Nomtek assigned a developer to estimate project, presented it to the client and after approval, implement the solution. Since then, new versions are being released constantly.


An alarm clock providing daily inspiration quotes, using Urban Airship for push notifications.

You can download inspirationAL from: AppStore