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Client background

Magic Leap is a pioneer in the area of Mixed Reality and the creator of the Magic Leap One goggles. The company aims to revolutionise the world with the goal to bring the benefits of MR to the consumer market.

On August 8, 2018, Magic Leap released its first product, Magic Leap One Creator Edition.

Magic Leap One Creator Edition are lightweight goggles with a small CPU mobile unit that enriches your experience in the real world with digital content, in everything from commerce and entertainment to communications and productivity

Their product was met with huge applause and anticipation in the United States.

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We are currently helping Magic Leap as a consumer app provider and are tasked with enhancing the entertainment value of the platform once it is launched to the global market.

The task at hand was to create an entertainment app which squeezed the most of the device’s capabilities, highlighting the unique value of being immersed in Mixed Reality.

Quality of interaction was key - the app had to run smooth and crash free, providing "magic moments" - when a digital object recognizes the real world and interacts with it.

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Creating a video game, whether a classic displayed on screen, or designed for VR, is fundamentally the same - the developer builds the whole world, together with its mechanics, which invites the user to get immersed in it. In the case of Mixed Reality, it’s the other way around. The creator does not design a playable world, but whatever the user with the goggles is seeing becomes one and the experience has to subtly thrusted into it. This creates an additional layer of complexity, since the place and time of the playing field, as well as user behavior is subject to frequent change.

The common solutions required a completely different approach, research and experimentation. E.g. how to present a scoreboard, so that it becomes a stationary object within the world where the user is constantly changing orientation and position? It’s just a simple example why Mixed Reality requires a different mindset.


Iterating through over 100 ideas and concepts, we finally went for creating something fun and simple. Playing with the ball was our main idea and we started with an original approach of single player, squash-like game.

Our work encompassed creating specific logic for detecting walls and the playing field, implementation of ball physics and creating a tennis racket overlay for the controller, synced with its movement in real-time. We also did the whole design part, from every menu and graphical style to all 3D assets.

The whole core was done in Lumin SDK, a unique framework specific to Magic Leap One.

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