Marley Spoon

case study

An outstanding app for anyone who enjoys cooking.

If you ever have a feeling to eat something extraordinary and wish to prepare it yourself, but lack the inspiration, instead of ordering food, use the Marley Spoon app. You simply make a purchase of your chosen recipe and have ingredients delivered to your front door.

  • The recipes are updated every week with 7 new dishes to choose from.
  • Many of the recipes are designed with vegetarians in mind.
  • All of the ingredients delivered are fresh and of best quality.


The client had a business idea which revolved around the promotion of home cooking in Germany – a revolutionary concept of inspiring customers to cook at home by providing them with a recipe and delivering the required ingredients to their home places, thus removing all the effort from their shoulders apart from the pleasure of cooking and consuming.


A mobile application was like a perfect solution for a feasible tool for the customer niche to access our client’s service. A thorough concept of the application was already designed at the time when we were contacted – wireframes, graphical material and detailed requirements. We conducted a series of workshops during which we were fully instructed on how the application should function. After that period, daily meetings were conducted online to inform the client about the progress and gather feedback or propose adequate implementation solutions. Notable technologies: REST API, PayPal, PayMill, Facebook


The end-result is very successful - the client wishes to expand the market coverage to other nations with future iterations of the application.