case study

A mobile version of a bestseller medical publication

A mobile version of a bestseller medical publication “Kryteria diagnostyczne wedlug DSM-IV-TR” (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, IVth Edition, Text Revision) that discusses the diagnostic criteria of psychiatric disorders according to the American Psychiatric Association.

The application contains all classification tables:

  • a list of pathologies
  • subcategories of disorders
  • codes and diagnostic criteria

Thanks to specified functionality, the application allows for a quick and easy navigation through classifications and browsing according to:

  • keywords
  • codes
  • disorder classification



Elsevier wanted to convert the content of their book to a mobile HTML application, based on a French website conversion of the same content.


We conducted a few demo meetings at the client’s offices, after which regular meetings were held towards the end of the development process. We encountered several obstacles during the development phase, mainly the content was provided in xml file with heavy external dependencies which proved to be difficult to parse and work with. Contents were designed for a paper book, so most of relation's hierarchy had to be done by hand, however the project ended as a success. Notable technologies: Android SDK, HTML, CSS, Java - no exceptional technologies were used.


A HTML application running on Android and iOS webview, with the content of the DSM IV publication.