case study

A mobile version of a known German used items reseller.

Momox is a German online service which buys used items such as books, music, movies, etc. without any auctions.

The application features:

  • Creating user accounts
  • Scanning desired items
  • Item search through ISBN
  • A shopping cart for managing items
  • Finalizing the transaction


The client required a remake of his mobile fronted for an already existing e-commerce service - reselling of used items - operating in Germany, Austria and France. The client already had a set of wireframes and a complete functionality list. Our job was to provide the design and a development team.


Development was divided into phases, each one with a set of progress goals. Each phase ended with an adequate summary and consultation regarding the plan of the development and design for the subsequent phase. Notable technologies: Google Analytics event tracking


An iOS and Android mobile frontend with extended features to experience the Momox service in full potential.

You can download Momox from: App Store