Onet Pogoda

case study

An application displaying weather forcasts from the Onet online service.

Weather forecasts for today and upcoming 14 days from 1400 cities. The app presents all crucial weather information in a clear and coherent manner.

Key features:
– Common gesture support
– Weather preview presented on a map
– Geolocation
– Push notifications in case of sudden weather changes
– Dynamic layout


Onet is an online news service, hosting weather forecasts as part of their information network. The company required a new channel for reaching to their audience, thus promoting their services.


The client had a firm vision of the channel being a mobile application, which would provide current and near-future weather information directly to the user. After establishing cooperation, we suggested a series of solutions for implementation, which the client agreed to. The design was inspired by the original web version of the service, together with slight adjustments from our graphic designers. Notable technologies: REST API


A mobile application that presents its users with weather forecasts and promoting the Onet online service. The app has built-in overlay descriptions that familiarizes newcomers with the functionality.

You can download Onet Pogoda from: App Store