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Client Background

OnniBus.com is a leading bus transportation company in Finland. It belongs to a bigger family of bus companies founded by Sir Brian Souter that operate across the entire Europe.

OnniBus.com is a brand of trust in Finland, ranked similar to Red Cross when you ask people to name companies that they can fully rely on.

OnniBus.com is known for truly revolutionizing the transportation system in Finland from train-first to bus-first. They achieved that by creating an efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution that can take you from point A to point B in Finland in such a way, that you have no doubts who to travel with again.

The guys at Nomtek provided awesome design work. They also advised us throughout the whole project.

Lauri Helke, CEO


OnniBus.com approached us with a challenge of elevating their brand to a next level by digitizing their communication with end consumers and mobilizing their offer.

This may seem like a broad and complex task and this was indeed the case :).

Our Discovery started with formulating the operating principles for OnniBus.com digital strategy. We decided to stick to the following set:

  • Wherever I am, your company is always available
  • Whenever I choose to, your business service is at my fingertips
  • Whatever my next step is, you have anticipated my needs
  • Whatever my action is, you are ready to respond
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This allowed us move on and formulate a set of business hypothesis that will allow OnniBus.com to be perceived as mobile first product. One of the most critical ones was making sure that transactions happen instantly on a mobile device. It should not take users more than a couple of taps to have their ticket purchased.

What typically helps a lot is having your hypothesis tested in an isolated environment. We managed to find one in this case.

It so happened that OnniBus.com have just launched a new service line called Onnirider - which was a short shuttle service from the city suburbs (Porvoo) to the city centre (Helsinki). This resulted in a slightly different experience than their typical long distance travel offer. Onnirider is about day to day commuting that happens spontaneously and OnniBus.com is generally about longer distance trips that typically require more planning.

Onnirider app was a perfect product fit for validating the one-click payment solution in a very demanding environment of daily commuters. When proven right, it can easily be incorporated into broader OnniBus.com travel experience.

OnniBus App screenshot OnniBus App screenshot OnniBus App screenshot


Once everything was specified and meeting the Definition of Ready criteria our developers, designers and testers were ready to go.

In order to succeed, launching the first version of the app required a rather rapid development cycle because we had to deliver the app before the new line started to operate.

As a result of good task prioritization and real time transparency about the team velocity, we managed to provide commuters with their major ticket purchasing tool on time.

Now they can just hop on a bus and instantly buy the ticket they want (daily, weekly or monthly) - no hassle, no additional paperwork.

The end result was really satisfactory because not only did we manage to prove our assumptions but the app was immediately recognized as the best pick for August by a reputable Finnish app ranking site.

Want it?

You can download Onnirider from AppStore or Google Play