case study

An application that allows you to quickly find help for every job or task imaginable.

  • One can post a task to all of the Pickle members, negotiate the price and get the job done.
  • You can rate each member, that allows to build up ones history and make Pickle a trustworthy marketplace
  • First app that allows you to quickly find someone to do big and small jobs in your area!


Business idea was based on the idea of exchange - if I want to get something done quickly, let say I want my lawn to be cut, and you can and want to cut it, let’s make it happen. The purpose of Pickle was to connect those who need something done with those who can do it. The concept was created in London where it took its first steps.


To bring the idea into reality it was best to develop the mobile app based on UBER-like business model. Application development started by a different London team, but due to lack of client’s satisfaction we took it over and made it done. Our Android and iOS developers, along within QA through their hard work finished the implementation process and released the application. Notable technologies: Stripe, Urban Airship, Twilio, Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Flurry


An app that allows each member to quickly find help for every task or job imaginable, where each member can post the task, negotiate the price and get things done. Additionally after each encounter, members can rate each other to build one’s history. The app is up and working, available on App Store and Google play for everyone.

You can download Pickle from: App Store, Google Play, App webpage