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Client background

Podyum was founded by two professional American football athletes - Will and Marcus who started their sports career at the university level in the US and then moved to Europe to become one of the most recognized import players.

The idea for the company came out of passion for promoting American football worldwide by creating a platform for international players, coaches and teams to stay together as a community and perform better at an individual and team level.

Nomtek does a great job in the mobile department. They researched football from the very basics to make our app.

Marcus Sims, Founder


Podyum appointed us to help them conceptualize and create a set of products that were to tackle the following challenges for American football in Europe:

  • The need for a platform that unifies all league, team and player data across Europe and uploads fresh stats in real time, as they happen on the field
  • The need for a solution to help the team make better decisions on the field based on the data gathered
  • The need for a solution that allows players to promote themselves as professionals internationally
Podyum Stats App screenshot Podyum Stats App screenshot


It was evident for everyone that the scope of work was huge and we had to set priorities that result in the optimal roadmap for Podyum to deliver value as a business.

We conducted a Discovery Workshop during which we applied a set of Design Thinking and Design Sprint techniques that resulted in setting appropriate goals, matching them against possible constraints and opportunities and defining the target audience as well as their explicit and latent needs.

Knowing all of this has helped us to conclude that we needed to build a web platform first, that is a one-stop-shop for American football stats across all European leagues and we needed to create a stats-taking app to allow for populating this platform with rich and fresh data.

Let’s focus on the stats app that represented the data core of the system. Building an app of this sort may sound like a relatively easy thing but in reality it was quite an effort :)

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First of all, American football is a really complex sport in terms of stats, as compared with soccer for example. Our team had to process an approx. 40 situations on the field in hundreds of different scenarios and design the user experience in such a way that all of these are taken into account, at the same time allowing for smooth data input. At the end of the day, no one will use this app if it takes more than a couple of seconds to input a new stats figure. The game is just too fast for that.

That is why, we had to get out of the building and observe football matches in their native environment. We wanted to put ourselves in stats taking staff shoes and understand their challenges better. We also paid frequent visits to Wroclaw Panthers team that shared invaluable feedback with us that resulted in finally polishing up the algorithm.

Team photo
Team photo
Team photo

The end result was truly astonishing. After a couple of iterations, we managed to develop an app that truly brings stats taking in Europe to a next level. The teams no longer need to stick to sheets of paper to get the match data. They now have a tool that not only captures and stores the data, but also is able to influence the decisions made during a match that sometimes are a final factor behind being a winner or a loser.

Will and Marcus are now using stats app as one of the major tools when they pitch the idea of Podyum to a variety of teams and league officials in Europe.

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