PONS Online Dictionary

case study

Native client for PONS on-line dictionary service for three major mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows 8

With this app you have direct access to the translations in the free PONS Online Dictionary. Over 30 dictionaries in currently 13 different languages are at your disposal online.

With the PONS.eu App you can key in and translate your search terms quickly, reliably and conveniently directly from your smartphone.


PONS GmbH required an application that would allow online access to their dictionary database. Both integration and their concept of UI required extensive implementation on three platforms: iOS, Android and Windows 8. After the application delivery the client also required a long-term maintenance provided by the developer, which would include: bugfixing, small improvements and implementation of new features.


Nomtek assigned a team to perform requirement gathering and consulting to PONS GmbH. When the vision became coherent with the client's expectations a cost estimate was conducted and presented for approval. With each iteration a new demo version was presented and we gathered customer’s feedback. After several iterations the first version has been released. Since then, new versions are being released constantly. Apart from implementation, Nomtek was heavily involved in the process of shaping conceptual designs. Notable technologies: Windows 8 - standard SDK (.NET, C#) - pl iOS - standard SDK, Android - standard SDK


An application dedicated for three platforms - Android, iOS and Windows 8 - which allows access to an online multilanguage database of translations. The app was numerously mentioned as one of the top reference apps in key European countries. iOS and Android versions have over 1mln users combined.