PONS Trainer

case study

A language training application developed for famous educational publisher.

It gives you an opportunity to learn everywhere you want with PONS dictionary. Trainer has 5 different types of trainings. It contains the most important vocabulary for the journey, food and shopping in English, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Turkish. Directly from the app, you can look up in the dictionaries of PONS.eu online, and download the translations of words that you need into the application by tapping – without using the browser. You can also synchronize data with your user account at PONS.eu and learn offline.


PONS GmbH required an application that would allow their readers to utilise their predefined language training sessions via the use of a mobile phone - a sophisticated port of their language excersize material to mobile.


As in the case of Online Dictionary, the same team was assigned to this project, however this time we had even more influence in terms of conceptual design, i.e. Nomtek designed specific UI/UX features that enhanced user's interaction with specific exercises. Online meetings and periodic workshops at our office became a standard practice during our cooperation with PONS. Apart from providing development resources, we also shared our expertise regarding mobile users and their expectations.


An application for iOS and Android which serves as an excersizing tool for language learning, incorporating excersizing schemes from PONS workbooks. The reception of the application was very positive - multiple awards and numerous appearances as "featured".

You can download PONS Trainer from: App Store, Google Play