Premia 360

case study

An app for rating service quality of Polish businesses

The application allows its users to rate the quality of service performed by any business in Poland, such as:

  • shops
  • restaurants
  • pizzerias
  • cafes
  • flower shops
  • clubs
  • movie theaters
  • bowling clubs
  • supermarkets
  • hypermarkets
  • local stores
  • pharmacies
  • banks
  • etc.

The user can complement or criticize any aspect of a particular business, helping both other consumers and owners in choosing or developing the business better.

A specially designed rotating tool allows for quick rating and easy sharing of opinion to others, and through the geolocation feature the user always stays informed about any special bargains or promotional offers in the vicinity.


The client wanted to allow its users to easily rate businesses and their services easily within their database. The company required a sophisticated tool for giving customer feedback quickly and without needless complexity.


Nomtek gathered requirements and designed a mobile application which would allow to reach the goal through a simple and intuitive UI and geo-location services. After the design was approved, development was conducted for Android and iOS platforms.


A mobile application called Premia360 with a custom UI, geo-location and integration of google maps which allowed for easy pinpointing of the rated business.

You can download Premia 360 from: App Store, Google Play