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A powerful tool to create and show interactive presentations on your iPad.

Import existing presentations as a pdf or images, integrate videos and set hyperlinks for a truly touch-enabled, mobile presentation experience.

The app also works great with extremely large presentations or high resolution images and videos. Smart rendering ensures that slides are always at your fingertips when you need them, not a second later. Presentations and videos can be stored locally without the need for an internet connection. Presentations can be displayed on external screen connected to your iPad.


The client wanted to fill a niche on the application market for tools which allow creating of presentations. The tool would have to be simple, work fast, allow for display of static images/pictures, video and documents, as well as allow the navigation between slides through manually created links.


We started with preparing a prototype of a highly efficient image browser – the core of the application – in order to assure the client of the project’s success capabilities. During later phases of development we held frequent online meetings or screen sharing sessions to allow our client to have full control over the project.


An application dedicated to iPad devices which serves the purpose of a tool for creating interactive presentations in a simple and quick fashion. After the launch of the first version, Zuhanden GmbH visited us and we began a broader cooperation in terms of mobile app development.

You can download Presentation Link from: AppStore