Presentation Viewer

case study

A powerful tool to show interactive presentations on your iPhone.

It is a very convenient tool to show presentations on external screens. You may store your presentation on your iPhone, share it via iTunes shared folder, Dropbox or email.
Overview screen allows you to jump to relevant slides and built-in laser pointer allows you to highlight your points. There is optimized slides rendering, so you may view your slideshow at an unmatched speed.


Zuhanden wanted presentations created within Presentation Link (iPad only) to be viable on the iPhone devices.


Since Nomtek was the creator of Presentation Link, most of the requirements for the new application were generated by us. A concept was designed and presented to the client and after a few additional meetings a team was assigned and development commenced.


An iPhone application that allows for viewing, storing and sharing presentations created via Presentation Link.

You can download Presentation Viewer from: Promo Site, AppStore