case study

A map-centered app for German restaurant-review portal.

With this App you can use this ratings to find the best restaurant nearby.

The user can search for specific restaurants via name, or can filter the search results through specific cuisines and display them on a map.

The app features very interactive map browsing mode with smoothly animated restaurant markers, not seen in other apps!

Case required an application that would allow users to utilize their database of Restaurants. Users would search for restaurants nearby and locate them on the map. After the application was to be delivered, long-term maintenance had to be provided by the developing party that would include: bugfixing, small improvements and new feature implementation.


Nomtek assigned a team to perform requirement gathering and consulting to After the vision became coherent with the client's expectations a cost estimate was conducted and presented for approval. After implementation of the first version feedback was taken and since then, new versions are being released constantly. Before each new version there is always a new requirement gathering session and estimation phase. Notable technologies: Cocoa Touch framework, Map Kit


An application dedicated for iOS working on iPhone devices which served as a restaurant finding service, integrated with a huge database of gastronomical services.