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ricardo.ch AG (Tamedia group)

nomtek truly boosted our product development and our core team simply loves them.

Omar Moling, Senior Product Owner

Client background

Ricardo is the leading e-commerce platform in Switzerland, a go-to marketplace brand with over 4 millions transactions held annually.


Recently it became clear that the current mobile apps are outdated when it comes to further extensions, tech stack and possibilities to utilize the newest user engagement trends. nomtek was set on a mission to help Ricardo reboot their mobile portfolio and make it both more user-centric and scalable from a tech standpoint.

Ricardo App screenshot Ricardo App screenshot Ricardo App screenshot


Nomtek set up a high-tempo delivery team in conjunction with Ricardo’s in-house personnel with a goal to be both fast and meaningful when developing the new versions to replace the old apps.

We managed to create a truly cross-functional environment that is obsessed not only with shipping software but also having a continuous feedback loop with the users. We managed to roll out the first working prototype and conduct the first user feedback session after 4 weeks from the project kick-off and now we confront what we've built with real users every sprint to make sure that the new version that lands in the app stores is not only good, but great.