Steganos Online Shield VPN

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A VPN client, with eye pleasing animations, welcoming users to protect themselves from online threats.


You are constantly online—often in WiFi networks outside your own four walls. But WiFis at the airport, café or even at the university are risky. With just a few maneuvers, hackers in the same network can record your private and business activities. In the worst case, they can criminally steal your password and credit card information.

With Steganos Online Shield VPN, you can safely use even public WiFi hotspots. Thanks to data encryption, your messages and e-mails cannot be read. In addition, the program can identify all devices in your WiFi network and block potential threats. Steganos Online Shield for Android is a VPN-solution that is FREE OF ADVERTISEMENTS and FREE OF CHARGE up to a data volume of 500 MB / month.

  • FREE OF CHARGE and ADS: You can use the app ad-free and completely free of charge up to a data volume of 500 MB / month. Should you need more data volume, you can simply get a monthly subscription or a year-long license and then surf without limits.
  • NO SPEED LIMITS: You always surf with the safe high-speed server from Steganos. There is no reduction of surfing speed.
  • ANONYMOUS SURFING: Your IP address is encrypted, allowing you to surf invisibly and safely away from hackers.
  • FREE CHOICE OF COUNTRY: Choose your IP location from the large Steganos pool and surf safely worldwide.
  • DISPLAYS ALL DEVICES IN THE SAME WiFi: Identify all devices in the same network and protect yourself from potential threats.
  • WATCH BLOCKED VIDEOS: Get around country-based disabling of Hulu or Netflix and also view blocked YouTube videos on your smart phone or Tablet regardless of where in the world you are online.
  • STEGANOS ONLINE SHIELD PREMIUM INCLUDES WINDOWS VERSION: With a premium license, you get unlimited traffic in addition to Steganos Online Shield 365 for your Windows computer for free.
  • BATTERY-SAVING, EVEN WITH CONSTANT USE: Even with permanent protection, your battery will be used minimally.
  • USABLE WORLDWIDE: Use of Steganos Online Shield for Android VPN does not depend on your location. Thus you can surf safely worldwide in WiFi and wireless networks (3G, 4G/LTE, GPRS, EDGE, etc.)
  • SURF SAFELY, COMMUNICATE UNITERCEPTED: Thanks to VPN encryption of your internet connection, you can use services like Skype, WhatsApp or Viber safely away from interception in WiFi. You are even protected from cyber spies in unsecured Websites without http encryption.


The client provides VPN services for various platforms and wanted to expand to Android's market with a VPN client, advertised as a shield protecting from Internet threats.


Nomtek carried out an intensive research on how to implement a VPN connection. After the results were gathered we had a meetings with the client once every 2 weeks so he could roughly monitor the state of the project. Notable technologies: Network Discovery


An Android VPN client supported by stunning graphics.

You can download Steganos Online Shield VPN from: Google Play, App Store