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Switch DXB


Client Background

Switch DXB is a health, fitness, and well-being platform. It’s a marketplace that aggregates several different health, well-being, and fitness providers across the city of Dubai.

Their superpowers are around connecting the “dots” in the city to ensure that everyone can get access to top providers and live better. The dots include UAE government, top hotels, airlines and insurers.

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They know what it takes to build really successful projects. They hire the best people.

Dilesh Bhimjiani, Co-founder


Switch DXB is a pure definition of a startup. The company wanted to build a business around fast and easy booking of prestigious fitness and health services located in Dubai.

For the first two months we identified business cases and digital moments which could serve the idea of building a mobile platform. The learning gathered during this process served to build a defensible business roadmap.

The development side required an iOS and web frontend, together with backend and data architecture, which we implemented in Ruby on Rails.

The most complicated component was to allow the service provider a wide array of management options - the control to be able to set their own schedules, their own timing, their own pricing, their own bundles, and their own promotions.

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The key component of the app is based on video content. Service providers are very conscious of the importance of building trust with users. We integrated video throughout the user experience in an intuitive and responsive way.

In the third week of the platform going online, it recorded 150 users and had three merchants who initially only added some services, then soon after added all their services within just the short time they’ve been using the platform.

The app was reported as bug-free and Switch DXB continues to evolve, soon to be released on Android.

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