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Client background

It was a bright and sunny day in Cleveland, Ohio. Brian and John sat together in a downtown bar over a glass of local craft beer and decided to embark on a journey to disrupt the hospitality industry.

Their skills matched perfectly - John spent his last 9 years in marketing and promotions for top local bars and Brian had 20 years of experience of strategic management consulting and mobile strategy.

They wanted to make the most of this joint expertize by creating a product that will bring local establishments (bars, restaurants, etc.) and consumers looking to go out closer together.

They hired us to turn this vision into reality.

We had a vision and Nomtek turned it into reality. The great thing about it was telling us what should and should not be added to the app.

Brian Stein, co-Founder


Managing the design and development cycle in a startup environment is a really challenging task. It calls for looking for the perfect balance between what users desire, what is feasible to create in a relatively short time and what is financially viable to work so that the budget does not skyrocket.

In order to tackle this issue, we focused on defining some key product design challenges that were to navigate our efforts and make sure that we do not steer away from the core of the value proposition.

These were:

  • How might we convince local establishments (bars, restaurants, etc.) to participate? - supply side
  • How might we make it worthwhile and enjoyable for consumers so that they are happy to ‘get wheedled’ and accept the offer from an establishment? How might we convince them to keep coming back? - demand side
  • How might we create an ecosystem that facilitates unique interactions that would not normally happen without Wheedle?

Narrowing this down helped us define the Minimal Viable Product scope and be transparent about the time frame so that it can be synced with marketing efforts.

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After a rather intensive but well-controlled Agile development phase we managed to roll out different apps for both establishments and consumers on time.

Wheedle experienced its first success really soon and managed to prove its concept in the Cleveland area. They were recognized as one of the best startups in the state of Ohio and managed to close a significant round of additional funding.

We are currently working on a set of growth-hacking tactics that will help Wheedle expand geographically and offer even better experience as a product.

Wheedle App screenshot Wheedle App screenshot Wheedle App screenshot

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