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React Native is an open-source framework created and supported by Facebook, that uses JavaScript as major programming language and allows simultaneous development for different platforms, including iOS and Android. It aims primarily to provide speed, simplicity, and scalability of projects with a great UI.

Why React Native?

Developing advanced mobile apps often means running separate projects (e.g. iOS, Android, backend, Windows). That leads to bigger teams, higher cost, multiple points of failure and more dispersed communication. React Native allows to create apps simultaneously on different platforms in the most efficient way.

  • Up to 40%

    React Native could speed up development process up to 40% by using one code for different platforms and it’s unique features, like hot/live reload (changes in code are instantly visible without recompiling).

  • Engaging

    In contrary to cross-platform development frameworks (based on e.g. Ionic or Cordova), React Native provides much better performance and great UI, because of all views are native - based on native components, with the same “feeling” and smoothness.

  • Simplified team

    Unified technology stack means less time and lower cost of projects, as well as better coordination and management. Instead of separate teams for different platforms, there is one team with shared knowledge and experience.

  • Strong

    React Native is strongly supported by Facebook and already has become one of the most promising cross-platform solutions used by big players like Instagram, Skype, AirBnB, Spotify, UberEATS and others.

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