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We are also offering our talents and skills on demand, meaning that we can join any tech team, anytime during the project to help with the design, development, and testing. Whether you have a tight deadline or budget, or you wish to keep your development team in a more flexible size and shape, we are here to join your in-house team. In this model of cooperation, we have been working with enterprises, as well as, mid-companies or startups.  We can work in agile or in train development methodology, it is all up to you.

We are aware that even great in-house teams sometimes needs outsourcing support and we are happy to step-in and help them achieve the goals. We also understand that it's difficult to pick the right development partner. We have been through it dozens of times with our Clients, that is why we came up with our own approach to staff augmentation. Our  3-step process include:

Tech Screening - We schedule a tech call, to discuss all the technical requirements and expectations. We want to make sure that both, The Client and our talents, are on the same page and that we will be a good match (tech-wise).

Pair programming - We select a task and work together with the in-house developers to see how it feels to work together and present how our development skills look and feel in practice. That usually happens remotely, so we can also test the remote communication between the teams.

Test-sprint - We form a team, that we believe will match the Client’s need and go to the Client’s premises to work on-site for week or two, depending on the scope of the sprint. This is a final test to see if we are a perfect match tech-wise and human-to-human wise. We are aware that behind every great project are humans, and matching them  between them and communication is as important as matching them between their development skills.

Once you have picked the right development partner, like nomtek, you can easily focus more on your product and its strategy, while we will be delivering the features on demand, helping you achieve the long term goals and KPIs.

We offer a full software development lifecycle


Product Strategy

We have delivered over 200 applications and worked with many successful companies, that is why we are able to ideate and evaluate your business idea. We are helping our clients to find the product-market fit by leading the workshops, Product Design Sprints, and scoping sessions. If you already have a product, we also offer a UX review to improve the concept.


Product Design

We believe in human-centered design and we deliver the full design services. Meaning that we are able to deliver user interface design, user experience design and the illustrations. In this manner, our product’s customer experience is complete and intuitive.


Product Development

Our job is to deliver great custom software applications for our clients. In order to do so, we work in the scrum to deliver small increments in each development sprint, and we repeat it each sprint until we deliver the whole working software.


Product Management

We deliver full cross-functional teams, including the Product Managers. You can be a Product Owner and know your product the best on earth, but you will still need a person who will be managing the backlog, motivate the team on the daily basis and will be your contact person who can adjust the tasks and priorities and help you achieve the goals and deadlines.


Product QA Testing

The software development cycle is never complete without the testing! Quality Assurance engineers are the keepers of the project and its quality. To make sure that your product is bug-free and flawless, so your end-users are enchanted, we perform automated and manual QA testing, before any piece of the software is being released to the store.

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Why us?


+10 years of experience

We have been in business for years, and we have successfully delivered over 200 projects - we know our job.


Cross-functional skills

We have all the required skills under one roof, from product workshops, product design & development, to QA testing.



We are your agile, on-demand team who stay focused on software delivery to help you achieve your goals and KPI's on time.

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