Expand your in-house team with great talents_

Skilled talents on demand. We can join any tech team, anytime during the project to help with the design, development, and testing.

Whether you have a tight deadline or budget, or you wish to keep your development team in a more flexible size and shape, we are here to join your in-house team. In this model of cooperation, we have been working with enterprises, as well as, mid-companies or startups.  We can work in agile or in train development methodology, it is all up to you.

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We help you achieve your goals_

We are aware that even great in-house teams sometimes needs outsourcing support and we are happy to step-in and help them achieve the goals. We also understand that it's difficult to pick the right development partner. We have been through it dozens of times with our Clients, that is why we came up with our own approach to staff augmentation. Our  3-step process include:


Tech Screening

We schedule a tech call, to discuss all the technical requirements and expectations. We want to make sure that both, The Client and our talents, are on the same page and that we will be a good match (tech-wise).


Pair Programing

We select a task and work together with the in-house developers to see how it feels to work together and present how our development skills look and feel in practice. That usually happens remotely, so we can also test the remote communication between the teams.



We form a team, that we believe will match the Client’s need and go to the Client’s premises to work on-site for week or two, depending on the scope of the sprint. This is a final test to see if we are a perfect match tech-wise and human-to-human wise. We are aware that behind every great project are humans, and matching them  between them and communication is as important as matching them between their development skills.


Why Us?


+11 years of experience

We have been in business for years, and we have successfully delivered over 200 projects - we know our job.


Cross-functional skills

We have all the required skills under one roof, from product workshops, product design & development, to QA testing.



We are your agile, on-demand team who stay focused on software delivery to help you achieve your goals and KPI's on time.

Increase your programming capacity in projects of all sizes
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