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About the Company

Nomtek is a mobile app design and development agency founded in 2009 with a track record of several applications topping the application store listings.

Our package includes designing mobile applications for business value and usability, software development, testing and maintenance, publishing and project management.

Our goal is to become a valuable contributor to your business by efficiently delivering and maintaining mobile applications that astonish users with usability, reliability and beautiful graphics in a process that agilely adapts to your resourcing and communication needs.

Our Clients and Partners

  • we developed mobile apps for HV


    Marley Spoon

    An outstanding app for anyone who enjoys cooking. Learn more

    The client had a business idea which revolved around the promotion of home cooking in Germany – a revolutionary concept of inspiring customers to cook at home by providing them with a recipe and delivering the required ingredients to their home places, thus removing all the effort from their shoulders apart from the pleasure of cooking and consuming.
    A mobile application was like a perfect solution for a feasible tool for the customer niche to access our client’s service. A thorough concept of the application was already designed at the time when we were contacted – wireframes, graphical material and detailed requirements. We conducted a series of workshops during which we were fully instructed on how the application should function. After that period, daily meetings were conducted online to inform the client about the progress and gather feedback or propose adequate implementation solutions. Notable technologies: REST API, PayPal, PayMill, Facebook
    The end-result is very successful - the client wishes to expand the market coverage to other nations with future iterations of the application.
    • PONS Online Dictionary Android Application
    • #1 reference app in Germany, Austria and Poland Nov 2012

    PONS Online Dictionary

    Native client for PONS on-line dictionary service for three major mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows 8 Learn more

    PONS GmbH required an application that would allow online access to their dictionary database. Both integration and their concept of UI required extensive implementation on three platforms: iOS, Android and Windows 8. After the application delivery the client also required a long-term maintenance provided by the developer, which would include: bugfixing, small improvements and implementation of new features.
    Nomtek assigned a team to perform requirement gathering and consulting to PONS GmbH. When the vision became coherent with the client's expectations a cost estimate was conducted and presented for approval. With each iteration a new demo version was presented and we gathered customer’s feedback. After several iterations the first version has been released. Since then, new versions are being released constantly. Apart from implementation, Nomtek was heavily involved in the process of shaping conceptual designs. Notable technologies: Windows 8 - standard SDK (.NET, C#) - pl iOS - standard SDK, Android - standard SDK
    An application dedicated for three platforms - Android, iOS and Windows 8 - which allows access to an online multilanguage database of translations. The app was numerously mentioned as one of the top reference apps in key European countries. iOS and Android versions have over 1mln users combined.
    • PONS Trainer IPhone Application
    • up to 12k downloads/day in Sept 2011
    • Featured on

    PONS Trainer

    A language training application developed for famous educational publisher. Learn more

    PONS GmbH required an application that would allow their readers to utilise their predefined language training sessions via the use of a mobile phone - a sophisticated port of their language excersize material to mobile.
    As in the case of Online Dictionary, the same team was assigned to this project, however this time we had even more influence in terms of conceptual design, i.e. Nomtek designed specific UI/UX features that enhanced user's interaction with specific exercises. Online meetings and periodic workshops at our office became a standard practice during our cooperation with PONS. Apart from providing development resources, we also shared our expertise regarding mobile users and their expectations.
    An application for iOS and Android which serves as an excersizing tool for language learning, incorporating excersizing schemes from PONS workbooks. The reception of the application was very positive - multiple awards and numerous appearances as "featured".
    • Onet Pogoda iPhone Application

    Onet Pogoda

    An application displaying weather forcasts from the Onet online service. Learn more

    Onet is an online news service, hosting weather forecasts as part of their information network. The company required a new channel for reaching to their audience, thus promoting their services.
    The client had a firm vision of the channel being a mobile application, which would provide current and near-future weather information directly to the user. After establishing cooperation, we suggested a series of solutions for implementation, which the client agreed to. The design was inspired by the original web version of the service, together with slight adjustments from our graphic designers. Notable technologies: REST API
    A mobile application that presents its users with weather forecasts and promoting the Onet online service. The app has built-in overlay descriptions that familiarizes newcomers with the functionality.
    • Onet Sport iPhone Application

    Onet Sport (iOS)

    An app for one of the most popular sports news service in Poland Learn more

    Onet Sport, being one of the most popular sports news service in Poland, requires as big an audience coverage as possible through multiple channels. A mobile channel was one of top priorities for the service of this format.
    We assigned a team of 3 developers to analyse the client's concept and provide an hourly estimate of the project. Communication was handled via daily online meetings and GitHub (feedback reports). Notable technologies: REST API, Onet VOD/video player.
    A universal iPhone and iPad application for presenting news together with a push notification system. The app includes various charts for general classification of matches in most popular sports disciplines as well as a calendar with for particular matches and scores.
    • Just Fab Android Application


    An amazing application for a popular online shopping service Learn more

    JustFabulous Inc. required a new channel of access to their online stores. They contacted us and requested support in implementing a solution that would be appealing to the mobile user segment and open their services to a wider range of clients.
    Since all the designs were ready, we simply assigned an appropriate team that would lead the development of the iOS platform, followed later by Android. Due to the fact that the client was located in the United States and the project required weekly client feedback, the team had to be responsive during our late hours.
    An iOS and Android application that serves as a mobile access to JustFabulous online stores.
    • Premia 360 Android Application

    Premia 360

    An app for rating service quality of Polish businesses Learn more

    The client wanted to allow its users to easily rate businesses and their services easily within their database. The company required a sophisticated tool for giving customer feedback quickly and without needless complexity.
    Nomtek gathered requirements and designed a mobile application which would allow to reach the goal through a simple and intuitive UI and geo-location services. After the design was approved, development was conducted for Android and iOS platforms.
    A mobile application called Premia360 with a custom UI, geo-location and integration of google maps which allowed for easy pinpointing of the rated business.

    Team Touch

    The shared phone book Learn more

    Nomtek desired to have a mobile tool which will keep all employee phone numbers organized, updated and most importantly - easily accessible. This thought process lead to a conclusion that, since the need araised within our company, others might require such a tool as well.
    We approached the problem by designing a supplemental phone book as a shared, wiki-style space, where each member is able to edit the contents of the whole book. By such, the risk of information being outdated or inaccurate was minimized. Notable technologies: iOS standard frameworks, Android SDK, PhoneGap
    An Adnroid and iOS application which allows to create personalised phone books (teams) in a form of a shared space.
    • IPhone Application

    A map-centered app for German restaurant-review portal. Learn more

    Case required an application that would allow users to utilize their database of Restaurants. Users would search for restaurants nearby and locate them on the map. After the application was to be delivered, long-term maintenance had to be provided by the developing party that would include: bugfixing, small improvements and new feature implementation.
    Nomtek assigned a team to perform requirement gathering and consulting to After the vision became coherent with the client's expectations a cost estimate was conducted and presented for approval. After implementation of the first version feedback was taken and since then, new versions are being released constantly. Before each new version there is always a new requirement gathering session and estimation phase. Notable technologies: Cocoa Touch framework, Map Kit
    An application dedicated for iOS working on iPhone devices which served as a restaurant finding service, integrated with a huge database of gastronomical services.
    • AX4 Tracking

    AX4 Tracking

    A parcel tracking white-label app for AX4: a logistics platform used by DHL, BMW, Ford, Daimler, DB Schenker, BASF, Ericsson and alike. Learn more

    Axit required a mobile front-end to their logistics platform - AX4, which would allow parcel tracking. One of the requirements was for the application to be easily branded for a variety of Axit's clients.
    Nomtek received a complete set of requirements with a coherent vision of the end-result. After analysis, graphical material and functionality concept was prepared. The client approved our design and development with periodic meetings was carried onward. Notable technologies: PUSH notifications, AFHTTPRequest, custom pseudo-HTML rendering engine.
    A fully functional mobile application for iPhone and iPad, which served as a marketing tool and completely fulfilling the initial requirements.
    • Visits IPhone Application


    Dashboard for Google Analytics Learn more

    The client wanted a mobile tool which would display Google Analytics statistics in a neat and transparent manner.
    A road-map was planned after gathering requirements, together with screen-sharing sessions and online meetings. After a coherent vision was achieved, development of the mobile application began. Notable technologies: Google Statistics API
    A mobile application that displays chosen statistics from Google Analytics in a UI friendly manner adjusted for mobile devices.
    • Presentation Viewer IPhone Application

    Presentation Viewer

    A powerful tool to show interactive presentations on your iPhone. Learn more

    Zuhanden wanted presentations created within Presentation Link (iPad only) to be viable on the iPhone devices.
    Since Nomtek was the creator of Presentation Link, most of the requirements for the new application were generated by us. A concept was designed and presented to the client and after a few additional meetings a team was assigned and development commenced.
    An iPhone application that allows for viewing, storing and sharing presentations created via Presentation Link.
    • IPhone Application

    An app for creating and ordering printed photobooks, distinguished by an awesome interface with page flip effects while browsing and editing albums. Learn more

    The client had the need to enter the mobile market, thus wanted to create a mobile application in order to expand his offered services (printing of albums with photos).
    We designed the concept of such an application together with graphical elements and presented them to the client. After the project commenced, we held regular online meetings, during which work progress was demonstrated for the client's approval.
    An iPhone application which allowed creating photo albums and ordering a printed version of a given album at offices.
    • InspirationAL iPhone Application


    Free iOS alarm clock application dispalying one inspirational quote per day. Learn more

    The client required to have his existing application developed further and maintained. The subject was an alarm clock with a daily inspirational quote, which was downloading quotes from a backend and storing it in local database, delivering one quote per day.
    Because the previous code was of low quality, Nomtek persuaded the client to start the application from scratch. Nomtek assigned a developer to estimate project, presented it to the client and after approval, implement the solution. Since then, new versions are being released constantly.
    An alarm clock providing daily inspiration quotes, using Urban Airship for push notifications.
    • Alarm Clock - One Touch IPhone Application

    Alarm Clock – One Touch

    This application allows your iPhone to work as a gorgeous night stand clock. Learn more

    Zuhanden required to expand the functionality of their existing application and prepare it to be lunched as a free "Lite" version.
    Having a long-term relationship with the client, the initial resource gathering went very quickly and development commenced shortly after. The client had full control of the project, and could even alter the design in real-time during screen-sharing sessions.
    Extended functionality was added to the application, enhancing its value.
    • #1 iOS Book in Poland in March 2012


    HTML5 app with rhymes for children. Features very nice illustrations, interactive animations and sound effects. Learn more

    Nomtek and wanted to create a series of rhymes for children distributed through a popular medium.
    The companies had a series of meetings where they created a design of the concept and distribution.
    An interactive rhyme book with cartoon graphics developed using HTML5 technology and distributed through App Store for iPad devices.
    • IPhone Application

    A music streaming application with a selection of dub artists’ tunes. Learn more

    • LED Display IPhone Application

    LED Display

    Turn your device into LED display! Learn more

    • FaceGraph IPhone Application


    Visualize your Facebook social graph on the iPad. Learn more

    • AddPiks IPhone Application


    When you see something you want to buy, just take a picture of it with your iPhone. Learn more

    • Fate od Crate IPhone Application

    Fate of Crate

    A stunning game with great physics Learn more

    • IPhone Application

    An iPhone application for a German small ad website. Learn more

    • MyHammer Branchenbuch IPhone Application

    MyHammer Branchenbuch

    An iPhone/iPad native app for a well known Local Services portal in Germany. Learn more

    MyHammer wanted to expend their presence on the market through promoting their services on in the mobile segment.
    The company contacted Nomtek and after a series of meetings and gathering requirements a cost estimate and a development road map was presented to the client. After approval a team was designated to the project.
    An application that serves as a mobile front for the MyHammer service.
    • RheumaTrack IPhone Application


    Application for rheumatics. Learn more

    Mutterelbe required an electronic notepad for people with rheumatic and asthmatic disorders. RheumaTrack and AsthmaCheck were very similar projects, based on the same codebase, but with some graphical and functional changes. The client wanted to extend the legacy code with new features and was looking for a new service provider. Many change requests were implemented in the course of project development, several releases took place. Notable changes: PDF export, in-app purchase of paid application features, improved graphical design.
    We analyzed the source code, estimated development effort, identified risk factors and presented them to the client. We discussed necessary actions and subsequently executed the plan. The client delivered the mockups and documentation. Results were consulted with the client during ongoing development via e-mail and online meetings.
    The application obtained new features and code quality was improved which secured the client's future needs.
    • AsthmaCheck IPhone Application


    An application for asthmatics. Learn more

    Mutterelbe required an electronic notepad for people with rheumatic and asthmatic disorders. RheumaTrack and AsthmaCheck were very similar projects, based on the same codebase, but with some graphical and functional changes. The client wanted to extend the legacy code with new features and was looking for a new service provider. Many change requests were implemented in the course of project development, several releases took place. Notable changes: PDF export, in-app purchase of paid application features, improved graphical design.
    We analyzed the source code, estimated development effort, identified risk factors and presented them to the client. We discussed necessary actions and subsequently executed the plan. The client delivered the mockups and documentation. Results were consulted with the client during ongoing development via e-mail and online meetings.
    The application obtained new features and code quality was improved which secured the client's future needs.
    • Mianownictwo anatomiczne Android Application

    Mianownictwo anatomiczne

    The first application in Poland for Android and iOS, that contains all Polish, Latin and English medical terms for all anatomical systems, organs and structures. Learn more

    Elsevier wanted to design and develop a tool which would help students to learn vocabulary used during anatomy classes. The key requirement was for the app to have 3 language translations of common anatomy terms - Polish,Latin and English
    The first couple of meetings were held in order to clarify the scope of a project, after which regular meetings in the client's offices were made for a few demo presentations. The same team was allocated to the project as in the case of Mini DSM IV.
    Similar Android and iOS applications tailored to the client's requirements, with platform specific differences.
    • Mini DSM Android Application

    Mini DSM IV

    A mobile version of a bestseller medical publication Learn more

    Elsevier wanted to convert the content of their book to a mobile HTML application, based on a French website conversion of the same content.
    We conducted a few demo meetings at the client’s offices, after which regular meetings were held towards the end of the development process. We encountered several obstacles during the development phase, mainly the content was provided in xml file with heavy external dependencies which proved to be difficult to parse and work with. Contents were designed for a paper book, so most of relation's hierarchy had to be done by hand, however the project ended as a success. Notable technologies: Android SDK, HTML, CSS, Java - no exceptional technologies were used.
    A HTML application running on Android and iOS webview, with the content of the DSM IV publication.
    • File Manager IPhone Application

    File Manager

    An application for organizing and managing files. Learn more

    The client wanted a competitive application for managing files on iOS devices. The app had to combine all competitive functionality: opening and exchanging of documents, connecting with external drives, enhanced security. It had to be intuitive as well by incorporating a uniform interface for file-sharing services: Dropbox,, Google Drive, Sky Drive, iCloud.
    In order to measure the demand for the application and ensure whether it will be successful on the market, Nomtek created a simple MVP version within the first two weeks of the project. After a short period of time Zuhanden decided to invest further in the project. Subsequent online meetings and screen-sharing sessions were planned. Notable technologies: Dropbox API, SkyDrive API, API, GDrive API, Flickr API
    A universal mobile application for managing files which reached 4 mln downloads. The development of the application was continued further, reaching an overall of 10 different versions.
    • Pumodo Android Application

    Pumodo (Android)

    An app for storing and sharing of statistics for your own football matches in real-time. Learn more

    Pumodo had already developed an iOS application for storing and sharing statistical data regarding the Danish football league. However, it was lacking in technical staff to develop an Android version of the app and needed to supplement their own development capabilities through external means.
    We contacted Pumodo (in reply to their query from the contact form) and did a presentation of our Android works and work methodologies. A cost estimate of "cloning" the application was made and delivered to the client. After a few consulting sessions the development begun with weekly demos and feedback gathering.
    A complete Android clone of an existing iOS application under the same brand. Just as the client intended.
    • Steganos Online Shield VPN Android Application

    Steganos Online Shield VPN

    A VPN client, with eye pleasing animations, welcoming users to protect themselves from online threats. Learn more

    The client provides VPN services for various platforms and wanted to expand to Android's market with a VPN client, advertised as a shield protecting from Internet threats.
    Nomtek carried out an intensive research on how to implement a VPN connection. After the results were gathered we had a meetings with the client once every 2 weeks so he could roughly monitor the state of the project. Notable technologies: Network Discovery
    An Android VPN client supported by stunning graphics.
    • FlipCards IPhone Application
    • Featured by Washington Post 02/12/2011
    • #1 iTunes App in DE, SE and FI April 2013
    • #1 iTunes App* in New Zeland, Australia, Canada


    An awesome iPhone application for studying in a pleasant and exciting way. Beautiful HD graphics is strengthened by 3D animations. Learn more

    Nomtek had numerous ideas for an application that could serve as a testimony of our development capabilities. We wanted to build and application from the grounds up, testing our design and programming skills.
    We decided to elaborate on the concept of popular a flash card system, popular for learning languages, and “transferred” the idea to mobile devices. This included the prior development of the concept, mock-ups and graphical elements, which later was used during the programming phase. Notable technologies: iOS, Cocoa Touch framework, iSpeech TTS (Text-To-Speech), Quizlet and Flashcard Exchange API integration
    An iOS application that allows for full flash card system experience on a mobile device enhanced with unique capabilities of the said technology – flash card sharing, creating own flash cards, Text-To-Speech, etc. The application still gets high ratings (average 4.6 stars), despite that it's not being upgraded for more than a year.
    • TEDMED IPhone Application

    TEDMED Connect

    An organizational application for one of the most prestigious medical conferences in the United States. Learn more

    Life in Mobile was contracted by a medical event organizing company TED to deliver a mobile application which would serve as an information source for participants of one of their events. Life in Mobile extended the request to Nomtek.
    Requirements were gathered through a series of online meetings with the client. Subsequently a cost estimate, potential risks and project assumptions were made and delivered to Life in Mobile for analysis, together with a detail clarification of each required task. After the road-map for the project was affirmed, development of the mobile frontend begun.
    An iOS and Android application that has embedded information regarding the event, as well as dynamic news and social feeds, plus incorporated registry and custom social systems for the event participants. According to the host of the conference, the application was used and positively received by over 1075 people, which constituted to more than a half of participants.
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LinkedIn has 259 Million users. 38% of users visit via mobile.(Source: Text Marketer, Feb 2014)


App Development Process

We design and develop custom applications for smart devices See how we do it!



UI Designer

SCRUM Master

Nomtek Team

  1. Requirements

    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • Android
    • HTML5
    • Blackberry

    Our user interface expert meets with the client and creates user stories regarding the future mobile app.

    UI designer

    It's an essential step to let us know what we're up to.

  2. UI Flow Diagram and wireframes

    • Example screenshot
    • Example screenshot
    UI designer

    User stories are incorporated into flow diagrams and wireframes, to ensure good usability and translate the requirements into app developers' language

  3. SCRUM Sprint
    1 2 3 4 5
    6 7 8 9 10
    Planning meeting
    1. updating and prioritizing user stories
    2. task breakdown, architecture
    3. sprint plan and sprint goal
    Daily standups
    1. what was done yesterday?
    2. what's planned for today?
    3. are there any problems?
    Review meeting
    1. demonstrating completed work
    2. process retrospective

    SCRUM - 2 weeks sprints

    YouScrum master

    We use an efficient, iterative methodology for agile software development - SCRUM - creating shippable product increments in 2 week sprints.

    Nomtek Team

    We communicate with our clients using Skype screen sharing and videos.

    When it's done
    • it's implemented
    • the code has been reviewed by a peer developer
    • the functions have been tested on different platforms
  4. App Store Submission

    YouNomtek Team

    Our experience with submitting various applications to app stores makes it quick and painless for you

  5. Maintenance


    Cost transparency of every step of development process - client receives a full report of working hours of the project team, which gives him a full control over budget.

    Nomtek Team

    To ensure high quality of the end product we offer constant maintenance for the application and its further development.


Core team - Learn more about us
  1. Krzysztof (CEO)Krzysztof
  2. Piotr (COO)Piotr
  3. Tomek (Project Manager)Tomek
  4. Kamil (Team Leader)Kamil
  5. Stefan (Senior Software Developer)Stefan
  6. Paweł (Senior Software Developer)Paweł
  7. The Devs (The force that keeps us going)The Devs
  1. Krzysztof (CEO)


    Over 14 years of experience in variety of IT roles: from Web server administrator, through programmer, designer, analyst, project leader up to IT business owner. Wide scope of practice: from databases and business logic through user interfaces (Web, Desktop and Embedded) to system development (Osmosys Egg, Java and Graphics on Symbian OS).

  2. Piotr (COO)


    Previous experience as a contracting consultant, currently employed as the chief operations officer in Nomtek. Piotr excels at analyzing opportunities arising on the mobile market and assessing business risks. A broad knowledge of innovative mobile technologies and communication practices helps him successfully engage in challenging business ventures.

  3. Tomek (Project Manager)

    Project Manager

    Having played University’s Senator and Chairman of Student Governments roles Tomek started his professional career in IT almost 10 years ago. A mix of knowledge gained during software development, application management work and Project Management studies at University of Warsaw moved him to the project manager role. Agile addicted.

  4. Kamil (Team Leader)

    Team Leader

    Over 13 years of IT experience as a programmer, designer, project leader and IT business owner. Worked on every software tier, from embedded to enterprise systems. Knowledge of databases, protocols, user interfaces, constraints of large servers as well as mobile devices.

  5. Stefan (Senior Software Developer)

    Senior Software Developer

    Over 9 years of programming experience. Very skilled in sniffing iOS memory leaks. In the past he has been working a lot with large JEE projects.

  6. Paweł (Senior Software Developer)

    Senior Software Developer

    Over 8 years of experience in the design and development of desktop applications, tools, graphics and user interfaces. Worked as a software developer for global companies such as Imagination Technologies and Codemasters.

  7. The Devs (The force that keeps us going)
    The Devs

    The force that keeps us going

    Our committed developers provide for the bulk of our creative capacity. They consist of exceptional programmers, graphic designers and usability experts, and their experience reflects in the quality of our services.

Wroclaw Gnomes

Originally inspired by the anti-communist resistant movement Orange Alternative, a gnome became an “unofficial” symbol of our city. There are numerous mini-monuments spread throughout Wroclaw depicting gnomes that serve as a tourist attraction.

The name of our company comes from the phonetic iteration of words "gnome" and "tech", hinting "technology from Wroclaw".

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Twitter has 645 million users. 76% of monthly users are via mobile. (Source: Text Marketer, Feb 2014)


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