NOMTEK Tailor-made Apps - Mobile Application Development Agency

  • PONS Dictionary app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone United Kingdom agency
  • Marley Spoon app for iOS England mobile company
  • JustFab app for iOS Europe outsourcing
  • FlipCards app for iOS UK mobile company
  • Eleiko Lifting app for iOS Europe mobile agency

Tailor made apps.

  • Smartphones

  • Tablets

  • Wearables

  • TV's

  • Backend

About the Company

Nomtek is a European mobile app design and development agency founded in 2009 with a track record of numerous iOS and Android applications topping the application store listings.

Our service includes:

  • Designing mobile applications for business value and usability
  • Software development
  • Testing and maintenance
  • Publishing and project management

Our company’s goal is to become a valuable contributor to your business by efficiently delivering and maintaining mobile applications that astonish users with usability, reliability and beautiful graphics in a process that agilely adapts to your resourcing and communication needs.

Our Clients and Partners