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Monster is a leading brand in the online employment industry. Recognizing the shift in user preferences towards mobile platforms, Monster embarked on a transformative journey in 2018 to adopt a mobile-first approach.

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Monster is a large brand operating in the online employment arena — the company has always been ahead of the curve in that area. In 2018, Monster recognized the need to shift the mindset to mobile-first to keep on delivering unrivaled value to job seekers.

Equipping users with a positive mobile experience is no longer an added bonus: it’s a key lever for business growth. In a landscape where job seekers expect seamless employment journeys, Monster determined that its application lacked the prerequisite feel and features that would give job seekers the best possible experience.

At the time, Monster had a highly developed in-house web development capacity, but the company needed an experienced team to lead the revamp of the native iOS and Android application. A lot was at stake, and only a vendor with a vast experience in the mobile development landscape could properly execute on Monster’s goal of becoming a mobile-first company.

Meeting Nomtek to Discuss the Possibilities

Monster’s team responsible for the mobile app reached out to Nomtek. The team chose Nomtek because of the company’s reputation for transparency and integrity. Nomtek’s ability to navigate complex scenarios and maintain positive relationships made it an ideal choice for Monster who needed a reliable partner for honest collaboration.

Nomtek had the technical prowess and skills required to rewrite the application and give it the necessary boost in user experience.

The initial plan for the mobile app entailed:

  • Reimagination — The journey began with understanding Monster’s legacy, focusing on the experience for job seekers, and analyzing market trends in engagement preferences for job seekers. The objective was clear: design for today but envision for tomorrow.
  • Technical skillset — Armed with insights, a formidable team comprising developers, designers, QA experts, and a project manager set forth to rewrite the app for iOS and Android. The process wasn't just about coding: it was about translating Monster’s vision into an improved user experience.

Scope of Work

Monster partnered with Nomtek to lead the overhaul of its mobile applications. This collaboration was aimed at reimagining the user experience, leveraging market insights, and employing advanced technical skills to deliver a modern, user-friendly mobile application for iOS and Android platforms.

Reimagination and Market Analysis

Focusing on understanding Monster's legacy and current market trends to design a forward-thinking mobile experience.

Technical Overhaul

A comprehensive rewrite of the mobile apps, integrating a team of developers, designers, QA experts, and a project manager to translate Monster's vision into an enhanced user experience.

Design Integration

Emphasizing a modern and user-friendly design, the team embarked on creating an appealing visual identity for the app. This included a cohesive color scheme, intuitive iconography, and a layout that enhances readability and navigation.

User Experience (UX) Optimization

Focused on delivering an unparalleled user experience, the project included thorough UX research and testing phases. By understanding the job seeker's journey, the team implemented features such as simplified workflows, personalized dashboards, and interactive elements that encourage user engagement.

Migration and Optimization

Successfully migrated the old app version to a modern backend, overcoming significant technical challenges through agile project management and meticulous planning.


Conquering Migration Challenges

With plans in place, the transformative journey began. Challenges were abundant. After completing the first version of the application, the migration process of the old app version to a modern backend was no minor feat. It required meticulous planning, exceptional organizational skills, and agile project management. But with Nomtek's expertise and precise planning, the team migrated the old version of the app into the new backend before the deadline.

Earning Trust and More Responsibilities

Monster puts great emphasis on the quality of deliverables and the atmosphere of collaboration. The success with migration efforts helped strengthen the already palpable trust between Monster and Nomtek. As the development moved to the post-migration stage, Nomtek was gradually more and more immersed in the product creation by Monster. Soon enough Nomtek transformed from a vendor who delivered code and designs into a valued product advisor and partner who conceptualized features. With a talented UX researcher now part of the team, Nomtek actively gauged user responses and ensured that every added feature was user-centric.

Together, the two companies started working on the future direction for the job search app. With a shared vision for innovation, Nomtek and Monster brainstormed on forward-looking strategies. During workshops, the two teams agreed on and refined Monster’s idea to explore AI in the context of greater user personalization.

Looking at a New Palette of People-Focused Possibilities 

Today, Monster’s mobile application offers an exemplary approach to innovation and user-centricity. The application has high ratings on App Store and Google Play, resulting in millions of downloads for the two platforms. It's not just an app — it’s a helpful career assistant who gives people an easy and convenient way to get a good job.

Nomtek’s proactive approach, combined with Monster's unwavering commitment to quality, ensured the project's success. The collaboration also highlights how even large corporations, with multiple stakeholders and complex structures, can be agile, nimble, and innovative.

Had Monster not adopted a mobile-first mindset, it could have delayed the refinement of its core mobile application, and might have experienced a decline in mobile users, who increasingly prefer browsing job offers on smartphones. By working with Nomtek, Monster proactively addresses these market challenges.

The current version of Monster's app isn’t just an endpoint — it’s the beginning of numerous possibilities.

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