Integrate AI Into Mobile Apps

Create an AI-powered mobile app that goes beyond static features to offer a highly adaptive user experience. Implement generative AI for unparalleled efficiency gains.

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Intelligent Apps Use Cases

Supporting companies in becoming category leaders. We deliver full-cycle solutions for businesses of all sizes.


AI Language Learning App

Boosting the effectiveness of language learning through personalized and interactive sessions


Real-Time Language Translation App

Real-Time Language Translation App

Boost User Engagement & Drive Retention

AI reinvents the idea of customized user experiences. Now the software can make real-time adjustments to meet user preferences as they use the application.

Chatbots that assist in everyday tasks, education coaches that automatically pace the curriculum based on student progress, or the simplification of complex corporate tools and processes are just three of the many ways in which generative AI helps people.‍

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Comprehensive AI Services

Each project starts with a detail-rich consultation and a tech expert onboard. We craft user experiences that resonate and retain usage. Our team will embed the latest AI models to introduce dynamic features.


Build App For AI Product

Build a mobile app with the functionality of your AI product. Reach a wider audience and add new product monetization options. Leveraging the broader reach can help bring your product closer to customers, in daily scenarios.


Enrich Existing App With AI

Add AI to existing app to offer better user experiences and introduce real-time personalization options. Increase user retention and engagement. Create new features with AI-based social media integrations.


Add Online AI Integration

Integrating a mobile app with online Language Learning Models (LLM) such as OpenAI's API boosts functionality, offering innovative features and intuitive interactions through advanced natural language processing.


Use Offline AI Models

Implement smaller AI models to give users constant offline access and ensure they can use AI features even without Internet connection.

Our AI development tech stack
Chat GPT

Build Intelligent Applications

Intelligent applications let creators use a blend of data processing, algorithmic operations, and machine learning techniques to deliver personalized and adaptive user experiences.AI opens the door to a new paradigm of user interactions with smartphones — turning generic applications into customizable and responsive assistants.

Adaptive Knowledge Base Assistant

  • Uses a chatbot interface that changes based on the type of query.
  • Displays results in user-friendly formats, like graphs for data-related queries, ensuring the best match for the user's needs.

Personalized App Interface

  • Learns from user interactions, preferences, and behaviors.
  • Dynamically adjusts the user interface elements like sliders, filters, and content presentation based on individual preferences.

Self-Optimizing Business App

  • Conducts A/B tests autonomously to optimize user interactions.
  • Adjusts interface elements and content presentation to achieve desired business metrics.

Intuitive Device Interaction

  • Recognizes user behavior, such as which hand holds the device or the user's current activity (walking, driving).
  • Adjusts interface elements for easier access and interaction based on the user's situation.

Our AI Portfolio

Build AI-powered digital solutions to improve processes and create a user experience that adjusts in real time.

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app screens with taim
app screens with taim
app screens with taim
Full-Cycle Service

Leveraging AI to build a content summarization app for better knowledge retention


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app view with summary
app view with summary
UX/UI Design

Creating a personalized audio listening experience with content curated by artificial intelligence


"We consider nomtek a partner, not just a vendor. They understand our limitations and problems. Nomtek designed and developed our iOS and Android app. Their deliverables meet our expectations and we are happy with them. We talk nearly every day following an Agile methodology and release on average a version weekly."

Raz Gerstl, VP of R&D at Audioburst

Language Learning Model Integration


Question-Answering Systems

Enable users to ask specific questions about product functionalities or troubleshooting. Extract insights from lengthy reports by asking targeted questions about market trends or consumer behavior.



Auto-tag products based on their lifecycle stages for efficient portfolio management. Classify users based on their behavior, preferences, or interactions to personalize marketing campaigns.


Similarity Search

Identify products or services that have similar features or value propositions to refine differentiation strategies. Suggest related articles, products, or services to users based on their previous interactions or inputs.



Group users based on their usage patterns to identify potential new features or improvements. Group potential market segments to tailor product offerings or marketing strategies for each cluster.

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