Apple Vision Pro Use Cases

Check out Apple Vision Pro concept use cases that showcase the device's spatial computing features. Apple Vision Pro helps companies create immersive products that co-exist with the real world.

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a person in the audience watching a fashion event

Virtual Fashion Showroom

Transporting fashion enthusiasts right into the heart of the runway where they can also view and buy collection items.

man in a virtual forest with a headset on riding a bike
Indoor Cycling

Immersive VR Indoor Cycling

Leveraging spatial computing to create an immersive and effective indoor training experiences for biking enthusiasts.

neurosurgeons operating on a patient and looking at a rendering of brain in augmented reality

Augmented Neurosurgery

Creating high-fidelity representations of reality to let surgeons perform and simulate neurosurgical procedures.

a man in virtual car showroom with bright lights and digital details

VR Car Configurator

Helping premium car manufacturers drive sales using new spatial computing technologies.

three people discussing a property in a living room wearing VR headsets
Real Estate
Virtual Property Tours

Virtual Real Estate Tours

Using spatial technologies to remotely demonstrate properties to future owners.

a room with digital elements inside from a furniture store

AR Wardrobe Fitting

Integrating augmented reality into online shopping platforms to improve furniture customization options.

people playing an immersive board game
Board Games

Augmented Reality Board Gaming

Bringing together on-site players with those unable to join in person for an engaging gaming experience in spatial technologies.

a man looking at crops in augmented reality
Heavy Machinery

Farm Everywhere

Improving agricultural production through smart farming applications powered by spatial technologies and AR.

teenagers dancing in headsets

Augmented Reality Concerts

Enjoying immersive and interactive live concerts in AR and VR, featuring music from animated movies.

a person watching an AR motorsport event
Streaming Services

Immersive Motorsport

Giving fans a new immersive way to engage with motorsport by enriching the experience with augmented reality live streaming.

a man playing with an augmented reality watch
Luxury Watches

Virtual Try-on For Luxury Watches

Explore a virtual showroom try-on application in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

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