Augmented Reality Concerts

Apple Vision Pro Application Concept

Use Case Overview

This is a product idea for an app that creates immersive and interactive live concerts in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), featuring music from fans’ beloved animated movies. This idea could very well be applied to other live music performed by fictional and human performers alike. We’ve chosen animated movies to demonstrate the key value that movie studios can derive from transforming such experiences from 2D flat-screen devices to augmented reality concerts headsets like Apple Vision Pro.

AR/VR headsets let users explore the 3D environment with spatial audio and hands-free interaction that allows the headset wearer to interact with the digital world.

This is a conceptual demonstration created by Nomtek. It is intended to inspire by illustrating the potential benefits of utilizing Apple Vision Pro - a new, fascinating technology whose positive impact will be large but is yet to be discovered. It is also intended to show Nomtek's engineering competences and application delivery capabilities.

3D Environment

Source: Midjourney

Source: Midjourney


With spatial audio and real-time interactions with virtual environments and characters, VR pushes boundaries of what is possible in live TV streaming services.

3D concert hall

As VR breaks down the traditional distinction between the stage and the auditorium, fans can attend live events in iconic movie settings, jumping on and off the stage to sing and dance along their beloved characters.

Multiple perspectives

Allowing fans to re-experience the concert, each time choosing different viewing angles and perspectives to discover new details and character interactions.

Spatial venue exploration

Exploring the venue before the concert stimulates fans’ excitement and lets them choose ideal vantage points, with the concert hall later transforming into an engaging space for afterparty games and quests.

Character interactions

Virtual reality concerts give fans a variety of opportunities to interact with their favorite characters, like attending exclusive meet-and-greet events and “rehearsals” before the live concert, or replaying favorite songs in karaoke sessions afterwards.

Source: Midjourney

Value for Fans (and Parents)

Leverage the expertise of seasoned full-stack teams to build sticky products. We prioritize your objectives and ensure transparency throughout the process for timely project completion and clear communication.

Immersive experiences

VR concerts can be a highly immersive, unforgettable events that transports children into the world of their favorite animated movies. Children can have a much fuller experience — be right in the middle of the action, surrounded by beloved characters, stunning visuals, and music played in high-quality surround sound.

Interactive engagement

Dancing and singing along with the music, exploring virtual environments, or interacting with favorite characters all foster a sense of active participation and empowerment, making the experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Educational value

Virtual concerts can introduce children to music and storytelling in a fun and engaging way, whereby they learn about different musical styles, instruments, and cultural elements while exploring virtual worlds inspired by their favorite animated movies.

Accessibility and Safety

The virtual concert hall is a safe and accessible place that lets fans experience engrossing live entertainment without the need to attend crowded venues or travel long distances.

Source: MidJourney

Value for Studios

By creating compelling and immersive entertainment experiences for their fans, animated movie studios can achieve brand extension, drive revenue generation, and make better data-informed decisions. To stay at the forefront of streaming video services, innovating along with customer preferences is key.

Extended Brand Experience

The app can extend the brand experience beyond the movie theater and home entertainment platforms, providing fans with new, interactive, and engaging ways to create a lasting attachment to the franchise.

Monetization Opportunities

The virtual concert hall offers new monetization opportunities for the companies through concert ticket sales, physical and virtual merchandise purchases, and sponsorship deals.

Reusing digital content

Both the virtual characters and settings can be easily reused in a variety of ways, with only slight modifications to elements like the character’s clothing or the venue’s time of day producing countless combinations that fans can explore through multiple activities.

Valuable customer data

As fans interact with characters and venues, the app could provide valuable data insights into fans’ preferences, behaviors, and needs, allowing companies to tailor future content and marketing strategies.

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