Multi-Platform Development Services

Multi-platform development speeds up service delivery across various devices. Reduce costs and development time by using shared codebases.

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Why Choose Multi-Platform App Development?

Allocate resources more efficiently. Multi-platform development allows for faster iterations with better learning opportunities. It shifts the focus from dwelling on platform-specific issues to enhancing the product's core features.

Deploy everywhere at once

Manage and maintain a single codebase that deploys hassle-free across mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices. Improve workflows and bring efficiency to product management.

Enjoy equal performance across platforms

Leverage hardware-accelerated graphics — multi-platform benefits don’t compromise performance. Flutter ensures applications run smoothly on every platform.

Hire one team, see excellent execution

Work with a team that understands the intricacies of multiple devices and operating systems. We’ve been creating applications for many platforms for over a decade.

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Our Multi-Platform Development Process

Enjoy transparency, precision, and reliability from the start.

Strategy & Consultation

Forming a clear vision of the product, with technical and business requirements, target audience needs, and preliminary research. Our expert consultation guides businesses through the intricacies of cross-platform development.

Architecture & Design

Crafting a strong, scalable architecture. Then design UI/UX that is not only visually appealing but also provides a native experience. We assemble layouts, create style guides, and generate clickable prototypes for a tangible feel of the future app.

Development & Integration

We use multi-platform frameworks such as Flutter and Kotlin Multiplatform to build adaptive experiences across platforms. We carefully integrate multi-platform applications with various systems and databases.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Our QA team performs rigorous, multi-level testing to help the app meet the highest standards. We identify potential issues, fix them, and fine-tune functionalities, ensuring the application offers a seamless user experience.

Deployment, Support & Optimization

Once the app is ready, we assist with its proper deployment to app stores. Post-release, we provide continuous support, maintenance, and optimizations. Our team remains available to address concerns and implement additional functionalities.

"Nomtek works with our in-house team, joining dailies and weekly planning meetings. They constantly keep in touch with our lead engineers through Slack. They are flexible and pragmatic. Plus, they understand the urgency of delivering high-quality work at reasonable speed."

Omar Moling, Senior Product Owner at Ricardo

Building Applications Across Industries

We develop custom applications for mobile, web, desktop, and embedded platforms to build connected ecosystems for businesses.


Home Appliances

Devices that learn user preferences and adjust heating or cooling accordingly. Electronic assistants like smart speakers that control other appliances using voice commands.


Robotic Systems

Robots that can assemble products in factories. Devices that assist in household chores like vacuuming or lawn mowing.


Logistics & Transportation

Tools that analyze and predict traffic patterns to optimize traffic flow. Autonomous cars that can drive using sensors and AI.



Applications that collect user health data and let patients consult doctors remotely. Systems that analyze medical images to detect diseases.



Software that integrate voice, video, and text communication. Applications that can translate spoken language in real-time during a conversation.



Activity trackers that help people stay in shape and follow their progress over time. Systems that integrate with other appliances to exchange data and suggest environment adjustments, e.g., pollution trackers.

The Impact

We’ve been helping companies build digital products for over a decade.


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Our Projects

Supporting companies in becoming category leaders. We deliver full-cycle solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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screen with app view of a travel guide
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Leveraging internal capabilities to build an app with interactive travel guides crafted by creators

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