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"Our four-year collaboration with Nomtek has been exemplary, characterized by their stable and scalable team with quick project adaptability. Their proactive, business-focused recommendations have consistently driven our projects forward, making them an invaluable partner."

Sandra Freudl, Head of Coverage & Conversion Insights at Siemens Healthineers
Siemens Healthineers app screen

Accelerating Feature Delivery Across web and mobile Using Flutter

Siemens Healthineers is a global medical technology company that provides innovative solutions to improve patient care. To help sales in their day-to-day processes, the company is building applications that optimize the workflow and boost performance. Having a team of experienced Flutter developers is crucial to launch products that help handle complex problems.

Greater Efficiency With One Code Base

Siemens Healthineers partnered with nomtek to test if it could accelerate feature delivery for mobile and web and enable a quick transition from native development to cross-platform Flutter. Together with the adoption of Flutter, the project grew to include four products developed by only one team.

Flexibility In Allocating Resources

Transitioning small teams from native development to one Flutter team was a smooth and successful process — a few pair-programming sessions were enough to get started quickly. The Flutter-based repository lets Siemens Healthineers assign developers where they are needed the most, depending on daily priorities and dependencies. Everyone commits into the same code base and is familiar with it.

Our Flutter portfolio

Refine app development with Flutter, a fast and versatile cross-platform solution. Consulting and involving dedicated Flutter developers ensures the success of your software solutions.

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app screens from Langenscheidt Vokabeltrainer
app screens from Langenscheidt Vokabeltrainer
app screens from Langenscheidt Vokabeltrainer
Mobile Development

Giving learners an easier and more intuitive way to train vocabulary

Langenscheidt Vokabeltrainer

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app screen with calendar and reminder
app screen with calendar and reminder
app screen with calendar and reminder
Mobile Development

Bringing people closer through a reminder application for important occasions and holidays

Big Days

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a view of hands readying to draw overlaid with an app screen from PicturePilot
a view of hands readying to draw overlaid with an app screen from PicturePilot
a view of hands readying to draw overlaid with an app screen from PicturePilot
UX/UI Design

Developing an experimental drawing application that helps people of all ages learn how to draw


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app screens RadCare
app screens RadCare
app screens RadCare
UX/UI Design

Helping cancer patients track their treatment better and more conveniently


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Flutter cross-platform development

Design workshops help you narrow down and refine your product idea, condensing weeks of work into a few days. Proficiency in the Flutter framework is key to successful development.

During product design workshops, you will:


Fast Feature release

Depending on project requirements, Flutter can help you develop faster compared to developing the app separately for different platforms and operating systems. If you also need a desktop or a website app, Flutter offers a true cross-platform experience.


Easy code maintenance

Because there's only one codebase, you keep maintenance costs and effort of your cross-platform products low. Manage your budget more effectively: allocate the most of developer capacity to implementing user-centered features.


Simultaneous Updates

Mobile and desktop apps get the same features at the same time. This makes product management easier while ensuring the user interface stays consistent. Our teams write the code once and apply it across multiple platforms.


Close-to-native performance

Compared to native apps, Flutter’s performance is impressive. Flutter aims to provide 60 fps performance, and even 120 fps, whenever possible. In practical terms, users don't see a difference in performance between native apps and those built in Flutter.

Zbigniew Gorawski profile picture

"Flutter brings comfort and convenience into the standard development cadence. Because of that, it’s often the preferred environment over the native approach for many developers. Work simply goes faster.”

Zbigniew Górawski, Delivery Leader at Nomtek

Flutter Application Development

Build faster and get user feedback sooner. Hiring senior Flutter developers for complex projects is crucial as they bring extensive experience proposing solutions to complex challenges and guiding junior and mid-level developers.

Fast prototyping

Release your prototype on multiple platforms to get feedback and iterate.

More customers

Reach your customers on the web and mobile to provide a true cross-platform experience.

Consistent UX

Create appealing designs by transforming your app into a PWA or SPA.

Flutter for web development

Progressive web apps (PWAs)

Web development with Flutter makes it possible for companies to build progressive web apps that have capabilities of desktop applications. PWAs work offline and deliver a consistent experience for users across platforms.

Single-page apps (SPAs)

Flutter lets developers build powerful SPAs that load once and ensure fast content render times. SPAs are an excellent choice for content-oriented businesses.

Excellent performance and SEO-friendliness

Talking with potential users generates unique insights. By observing how users interact with the design, we create people-focused experiences.

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