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Big Days wants to bring people closer by helping them remember important occasions and holidays. Our cross-functional team worked with Big Days to create a reminder application.



Big Days

Increasingly remote times call for stronger bonds. As we spend more time apart, Big Days aims to help people stay in touch and be happy. The company emphasizes the importance of keeping in touch as one of the key elements of a healthy life.

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What was the challenge_

Social distancing generates a lot of stress and anxiety. To retain a positive outlook, people need an easy way to store important dates with an option to send their loved ones best wishes.

The client approached us with an idea to create an application where users could easily upload and track all the occasions and holidays.

How did we solve the challenge_

Since the client had only an idea for the app, we took on the role of an active advisor from the start.

We knew we had to create a mobile application with a friendly user interface that results in a great user experience. The app would help users integrate data from their calendars and contacts and provide additional features that encourage engagement.

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Customizable Notifications

With customizable notifications, users compose a unique list of important occasions to wish someone all the best at the right time.

Data Integration

Users can add occasions and import dates in three ways: manually, via a calendar and contacts integration, or by asking loved ones to use a convenient link.

Intuitive Sharing

To remind others about upcoming occasions, users can share dates with an interactive link.

What was the scope of the project_

During in-house product workshops, we conceptualized features and designed the initial look of the application. Our team proposed and implemented features that went beyond the base scope but helped eliminate empty states. These additional features increased user engagement and retention.

Including Flutter in the tech stack let us reuse the code across iOS and Android and decrease time-to-market.

What was the business outcome_

Built in Flutter, Big Days works fast on iOS and Android. The app has customizable notifications, occasions tracking, and an intuitive sharing feature. Users can import dates from calendars and contacts. The interface is intuitive and pleasant, encouraging users to explore other important occasions uploaded to the application.

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