Accelerate Innovation and Test Feasibility

Dynamic and straightforward workshops focused on outcomes.

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Tech feasibility workshops

Analyze how to leverage technology to innovate a business opportunity.

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Long-Term Result

Build a reliable plan for continuous experimentation to validate technology thoroughly.

Honest approach

Use data to move forward, pivot, or abandon a project and limit inefficiencies.

Swift execution

Act fast with small, actionable hypothesis-checking steps that let you make finer decisions.

Simple pricing

We can set up an optimal workshop length after an introductory meeting.

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Weekly package

Dynamic approach to jump-start your project and move to the next stages.

  • Research
  • Tech validation
  • Roadmap
  • Report
  • Prototype

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Experienced Cross-Functional Teams

Limit uncertainty and risk in product development. Our simple, highly iterative approach helps innovators build confidence in using technology to solve problems in a variety of use cases and industries.

Workshops designed for outcomes

We perform an in-depth analysis of the technology options to collect data for the next steps.

Quick, no paperwork workshop kickoff

Let's dive into evaluating the technology within your specific context without delay to experiment and determine its feasibility.

Complex technology simplified

Our R&D team breaks down technology into clear and validated use cases.

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Custom workshop process

Since no business case is the same, we have a process tailored to your exact context — the key is to plan small, actionable steps and build on the results and data we achieve in an ongoing manner. Workshops will help you:

Identify Specificity

Delve into the details of your project. Set expectations and desired outputs.

Check Viability

Evaluate the viability of the technology within the parameters of your project idea.

Define Requirements

Identify technical requirements and resources needed during collaborative workshops.

Develop Roadmap

Create a detailed project roadmap outlining key milestones and deliverables.

Our Projects

Supporting companies in becoming category leaders. We deliver full-cycle solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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screen with app view of a travel guide
screen with app view of a travel guide
screen with app view of a travel guide
UX/UI Design

Making traveling easier with interactive travel guides that help people see more niche places

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a view of hands readying to draw overlaid with an app screen from PicturePilot
a view of hands readying to draw overlaid with an app screen from PicturePilot
a view of hands readying to draw overlaid with an app screen from PicturePilot
UX/UI Design

Developing an experimental drawing application that helps people of all ages learn how to draw


iOS Application Prototype for AR Glasses

The main objective was to gauge the capability of the AR glasses in synchronizing with an iOS application prototype. The prototype successfully demonstrated that it can leverage the glasses' features to deliver some of the functionality required by the client. The SDK for the AR glasses evaluated proved to be stable, predictable, and being open-source, offering the flexibility of custom adjustments.

We’ve also created a list of recommendations and safety precautions for the client, delivering additional solutions to target the client’s initial project needs.

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