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Chart the course for your product. Align market insights with innovation to meet business goals and customer needs.

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"Bypass assumptions and understand your users. Pair data and user testing with a clear strategy and product definition to ensure market relevance. Efficient knowledge sharing is key to building successful products that achieve business goals."

Marta Kwapińska, Product Lead

Overseeing delivery management


Managing Feedback

Efficiently handle and categorize feedback, ensuring a continuous improvement loop for product discovery.


Gathering user insights

Analyze real-world user interactions with the product, facilitating informed product adjustments and iterations.


Building Leverage From Data

Utilize analytics and visual representations to extract actionable insights, driving data-based product decisions.


Drafting Roadmap & Backlog

Develop a structured plan for product development, outlining priorities and organizing tasks.


Developing Oriented OKRs

Establish clear objectives and key results focused on tangible outcomes, fostering accountability and alignment across teams.


Introducing Decision Loops

Implement iterative cycles that leverage regular feedback in the decision-making process for better results and informed course corrections.


Conducting Validation

Validate potential features or improvements, ensuring delivery efforts align with genuine user needs and business opportunities.


Validating Riskiest Hypotheses

Prioritize and test the most uncertain assumptions about your product to reduce risks and identify potential roadblocks.

team composition and process

We don’t have a strict process — every idea is different, at varying levels of evolution. We offer mission-specific teams that adjust to every project’s stage.

The cross-functional team integrates with your internal resources to leverage the following capabilities:

• Broad technical expertise
• Flexible team resource allocation
• Transforming opportunities into outcomes
• Deadline flexibility through effective team management
• Weekly and daily project discussions

We believe in a dedicated and quick team composition where one team works on one project.

Project & Product Management

Let's refine your idea and create a custom development process.

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Within 48 hours, our team arranges a consultation to discuss your vision and understand your needs.

Custom proposal

We draft a proposal, outlining the services, timelines, and estimated costs.

Deep dive session

Let’s dissect your requirements, goals, target audience, and current market landscape.

Reactor - the inner Startup

We're more than just consultants – we're practitioners. Beyond advising on best practices, we actively validate our methodologies in real-world settings. Our internal startup initiative, the Reactor, is our sandbox for innovation. That’s why we’ve created Star Guide.


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