Who we are?

We are an innovation-driven software company delivering the apps on-demand since 2009.

From a human-to-human perspective, we are a team of ambitious and nerdy-ish people, who strive for innovation and continuous improvement.

Our headquarters are located in Wrocław, Poland, where all our Consultants, Product Designers, Software Developers, QA Testers along with Product Managers and  Product Owners, are working together to deliver high-quality software on demand. You can also find us in Berlin and Washington, where our Consultants are located to answer your questions and support your software needs every day.

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We are crafting the apps and digital experiences for the big players, mid-companies, and startups.

Our key focus are native and hybrid mobile applications. However,  technology is moving forward rapidly, so are we. In 2015, as a natural progression from mobile development, we have started delivering Augmented Reality apps. Later, in 2017 we have become a world-class technology partner of Magic Leap, and we have been building the Mixed Reality apps ever since.

What we believe in?

We believe in people and technology, the never ending self-improvement that pushes us to strive for excellence.

After all those years on the market, we have learnt that life is too short to build software no-one needs and no-one will use. Before starting a new partnership with the client we ask ourselves a simple question, not is ts project viable or feasible, we want to make sure that the project is desirable and will make a difference.


We are a bunch of curious minds, always on a hunt for information and novelty, which allows us to innovate and exceed the expectations of our clients.


We create environment where our clients and employees can reach their potential, we challenge the status quo and help others grow.

Relation - orientation

Our team is like a close family and our clients are like relatives, we make sure that our relationships are  like a solid ground that supports the partnerships.


We are very open about how we work, we give our clients access to the tools that we use, like slack, Jira or Github, to assure the transparency and openness.


We are known for being honest and we do follow a no-bullshit policy, always speaking our minds even if its uncomfortable feedback that we giving to our clients.


We understand that delivering outstanding products, requires very precise software development cycle and skills, that is why we are thorough and proud of it!

How we work?

We understand that every single project is a unique opportunity to build something great.

To deliver outstanding software we work in Agile, and Lean. We believe in the power of the iterative process, where step by step we design, develop, test and ship  functionalities. We follow a data-driven development loop, gathered data help us improve functionalities and add deliver value with every sprint.

To be able to deliver quality, we hire people who are smarter than ourselves, this is our growth strategy.

Our Product Managers keep the whole teams motivated and focused on the job, successful deployment is our goal.  Our cross-functional team consists of  business consultants, detail-oriented and pixel perfect Product Designers, Software Developers who are excellent  in producing a high-quality code, and consulting tech details, smart and devious QA testers, who deliver both manual and automated tests. We have it all, in-house, and in fluent English!


Project Kick-off

• meet the team
• present the requirements
• discuss the expectations


Product Design

• understand the user
• design the user experience (UX)
• design the user interface (UI)


Development & Testing

• plan the sprint
• review & ship an increment
• retrospect, improve & repeat

So, we guess you want to talk about your project
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