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Blend imagination with utility. We have over 7 years of experience in developing immersive solutions.

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Our AR & VR development tech stack
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Build AR/VR Products With Experts

We specialize in creating augmented reality and virtual reality applications. Accelerate your path to immersive experiences.

Choose the right device

When picking an AR/VR device, consider different use cases and variables such as light conditions, wear time, battery life, or compatibility. We also provide expertise in 3D modeling and in-depth XR device analysis.

Collaborate beyond development

Experience a partnership that goes beyond software delivery. We actively support your product, analyzing customer needs and expectations to keep your solution relevant and successful.

Access Latest Technologies

Build your project for new devices such as Apple Vision Pro or Meta Quest 3. Release the product into a booming market to capture early adopters and assert your position.

Our Partners

As invested consultants, we focus on fast iteration cycles to release impactful technology consistently.

Nomtek has been helping Magic Leap push the boundaries of immersive technologies in a variety of industries. We were an early developer and have become a long-term partner for Magic Leap’s XR solutions.

Snapdragon showcases its commitment to advancing XR technology through various initiatives. Nomtek is honored to be an active advisor and developer for Snapdragon's Spaced SDK.

Specialized AR/VR App development

Extended reality is a vibrant landscape of devices. Navigate it swiftly with an experienced collaborator to cut time to market, minimize risks, and build a high-quality product.

Competence of early AR adopters

As early Magic Leap adopters, we’ve seen the transformative power of innovation in spatial experiences. We help you spot unique insights and create opportunities that give your product an edge.

Industry-specific solutions

Our AR/VR teams have delivered successful implementations for industries such as entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and real estate.

Optimization for Peak UX

We have a meticulous process for balancing graphics with performance. Our aim is to deliver AR/VR solutions that are visually engaging and reliably efficient across devices.

Apple Vision Pro

Launch early on Apple Vision Pro to improve your brand's recognition when the device hits the market. We have experience creating AR/VR products for different devices and have extensive knowledge of iOS and Apple ecosystem.

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Our AR/VR Projects

Go beyond the obvious. Co-create with teams who value impactful experiences and products.

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a person with a headset
a person with a headset
UX/UI Design

AR game for No. 1 Immersive Art Experience of 2021


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product presentation in agumented reality
product presentation in agumented reality
Augmented Reality

Boosting a feasibility study for an innovative transportation system conceptualized by Elon Musk

HyperloopTT & Magic Leap

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"As a CEO who previously founded a division of Warner Bros, I’m skeptical of consultants and tough on results. But I was wowed by nomtek’s instant grasp of our goals, their mastery of the technology and marketplace, and their best-in-the-industry communication and transparency."

Johnny Monsarrat, CEO & Founder of Monsarrat

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