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PONS is a publishing house with over four decades of experience in publishing language learning materials. Our team partnered with PONS to design a new way of communication using mixed reality.

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PONS has been publishing language learning materials since 1978. Established in Germany, the company offers a vast library of resources for learning languages, including dictionaries, grammar books, audio courses, and software courses. PONS has over 500 dictionaries and courses available worldwide.

two man discussing a virtual engine viewed in real space

What was the challenge_

As a leading provider of language learning materials, PONS is aware of the need to innovate and digitize to help users learn and communicate more efficiently. PONS reached out to us to explore the possibilities of multicultural and multilingual communication using disruptive technology solutions.

How did we solve the challenge_

In the information revolution, the ability to collaborate seamlessly across languages is key. Together with PONS, we decided to pursue a cross-language communication experiment based on mixed reality and artificial intelligence.

two man discussing a virtual engine viewed in real space

What was the scope of the project_

We’ve worked with PONS on two previous projects, so we have developed a great trust-based business partnership. After delving into project details, we embarked on a journey to the uncharted territory of cross-language communication for interactive 3D projects in mixed reality.

Our team first designed and then developed an immersive proof of concept (POC) using Unity, Magic Script, and Microsoft Azure AI.

What was the business outcome_

An immersive POC powered by Magic Leap. The PoC proves that collaboration based on augmented reality can be an effective solution to remote work for users across different countries, time zones, and languages.

Users use hand gestures to interact with a car’s engine, enlarge specific parts, and communicate about the engine in real time, speaking their native language. In the future, the POC can be expanded to facilitate collaboration on designs across all manufacturing sectors.

Nomtek is a reliable business partner that we can recommend without any doubts. While working together, they have shown full professionalism and flexibility adjusting to our needs.
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Krzysztof Petelenz
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